Monday, May 2, 2016

GSN schedule change: 'Lingo' returns today on GSN at 11am & 11:30am ET

Host Chuck Woolery and Shandi Finnessey
(Miss USA 2004) co-hosted Lingo together
on GSN in the mid to late 2000's.
For the first time since it left the schedule in August 2014, Chuck Woolery's Lingo returns to the schedule. From a GSN schedule change set last week, Chuck Woolery-hosted Lingo will replace Whammy! each weekday at 11am and 11:30am ET going forward.

The episodes that begin today are from Season 5, which originally aired on GSN in 2006.

Chuck Woolery's Lingo (2002-07) ties The Newlywed Game (2009-13) for GSN original with the most seasons (six). The Newlywed Game beat out Lingo in most episodes (430 to 345).


  1. Chuck and Shandy have held up well considering it's been 2 years. I'm sure its lots of makeup but still its a man pushing 70 grinding on a hot piece of lower than 30.

    1. These episodes are almost a decade old, they aren't new

    2. Oh never mind then. i thought it was remake shows from 2 years ago according to the story from the bloggist.

    3. To clarify, Lingo hosted by Chuck Woolery originally aired from 2002-07, but has not appeared on the GSN schedule since August 2014. That is the version currently air at 11am.

      The latest remake of Lingo, hosted by Bill Engvall, was produced and originally aired in 2011.

    4. so that must explain why woollery looks like a corpse in that new ads for some kind of sex drug and bone pain he touts on infomercials. boy 10 years was rough on this man. my favorite chuck gig when he did the playboy playoff olympics and the girls got naked with him in a mud pit and one stuck her titties in his ear and asked if it felt good. i wish i was him back then. i kept my vcr so i can watch that tape whenever i want.

    5. LOL. What the hell??

    6. Tammy Cox-BlockerMay 4, 2016 at 11:03 PM

      Maybe I can translate the above post for everyone. Chuck is currently the spokesman for some type of knee joint balm that supposedly turns back the clock and lets you run a marathon again, even if you're 100. Obviously it's the standard infomercial tout. Not sure about the sex drug part. I will admit he hasn't aged gracefully during his time away, but it has been 10 years from the last Lingo. And surprisingly I have a copy of the Playboy VHS tape. I'm a 100% straight woman and I will say seeing Chuck mix it up with a bunch of topless women in a mud pit is rather exciting. And yes, one of the playmates from the 80s cradles his head in between her tits. The announcer mentions she must have a major crush on him. The tape is officially called Playboy Playmate Playoffs '86. Chuck also hosted one for the Playboy Channel in '85 but I don't think it's available. I know the '86 edition turns up on Ebay sometimes. Whew, hope this helps.

    7. Yuck! I thought he was joking! I knew Chuck was one of those tea party turds, but now he's even more disgusting!