Thursday, May 26, 2016

GSN Ratings 5/22: 'Baggage' falls off from 'Family Feud'

Source: ProgrammingInsider (Douglas Pucci)

GSN Ratings Sunday, May 22nd (All Times ET):
10:30pm Family Feud: 533,000 total viewers
11:00pm Baggage: 320,000 total viewers/89,000 18-49 viewers
11:30pm Baggage: 323,000 total viewers/78,000 18-49 viewers
12:00am Baggage: 328,000 total viewers/76,000 18-49 viewers
12:30am Baggage: 304,000 total viewers/63,000 18-49 viewers

Percentage of viewers under 50 years of age (and approximate median viewer age):
11:00pm Baggage: 27.8% (61 years old)
11:30pm Baggage: 24.1% (65 years old)
12:00am Baggage: 23.2% (66 years old)
12:30am Baggage: 20.7% (69 years old)

Summary: We already saw 4 hours of Family Feud ratings from Sunday night. Baggage fell off, which is not a surprise considering just about everything falls off from Family Feud and the post-primetime timeslot for the start of Baggage. Baggage did fall off considerably in 18-49 viewers over the 2-hour time period, skewing with a median age in the 60's (average and nothing spectacular for GSN). Starting this week, Baggage picks up other slots to cover where Chain Reaction used to be, including Sunday latenight at 1am and 1:30am.

Baggage still reruns very well considering the 300 episodes have been cycled through the schedule multiple times over the past six years. Baggage, with 22 slots on the GSN schedule (8.5% of total GSN schedule) remains a latenight stable and favorite!

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