Thursday, May 26, 2016

GSN is all in for 'Winsanity'

In the past year, GSN has been all in for Skin Wars, Steampunk'd (remember this?) and Hellevator (annoying, obnoxious cut-in commercials). Now it appears to be Winsanity's time:
GSN has their Twitter page all
decorated for...not Skin Wars: Fresh Paint...
but Winsanity. Go to GSN's Facebook
 for a similar story.
Obviously for traditional game show fans, this is a good thing. Winsanity is a traditional, studio-based game show like how Chain Reaction, American Bible Challenge and The Chase are. In Winsanity, there is trivia, smarts and knowledge needed with cash and prizes given away each episode. Read the very positive GameShowNetworkNews review here.

Winsanity is currently GSN's main focus, a movement away from the fading Skin Wars. GameShowNetworkNews hopes Winsanity is a long-running success and traditional game shows continue on our Game Show Network.

Check out Donald Faison's Twitter account. He is all in for Winsanity too!

Winsanity premieres Thursday, June 9th at 9pm ET on GSN.


  1. ABC is already considering reviving Password, though it's probably contingent on the success of this year's Sunday Fun & Games block. Still, I'll take them doing it over GSN any day of the week.

    I also agree that Baggage should've lasted longer. Last I remember, it was regularly pulling in 600k+ when it was teamed up with Newlywed Game at 6 pm, but then GSN decided to "fix" what clearly wasn't broken, and as soon as they broke up that 6-7 pm hour, they haven't had any success with it, well, aside from Harvey Feud, which seems to pull in viewers no matter what time it airs.

    Winsanity... now there's an interesting situation. Seems like even GSN is placing a higher priority on it than on Skin Wars, which is good, but a little surprising as well, since up till now, they've been plugging Skin Wars almost nonstop.

  2. I would like to see a Password revival. The CBS version with Regis was unfairly canceled despite solid numbers. If anyone wanted to know how the Price specials did, the Survivor edition had a 1.3, Big Brother had a 1.1, and Amazing Race had 1.2 in the demo. Viewerwise, they ranged between 6.3 to 6.6 mil. Better than half of CBS's shows perform. We could see more specials, but who knows. I still think it was a lazy attempt by Moonves to prove that he doesn't hate prime time game shows, but I liked them. I wonder if Brady Deal will get a primetime run soon. They did it in 2003 with Billy Bush.

    Off topic, but the dating sort of game show Coupled is performing terribly for Fox. The latest episode averaged 1.2 million. I guess Fox can't find an unscripted hit that isn't American Idol or something hosted by Gordon Ramsay.