Monday, May 30, 2016

GSN fact and future: Steve Harvey 'Family Feud' is not going anywhere

Steve Harvey Family Feud is not leaving GSN-
or syndication-anytime soon. Steve Harvey likely
remains as host of Family Feud through at least
the 2019-20 season, if not later to 2020-21.
For all traditionalists, anti-Steve Harvey, anti-modern Feud naysayers who believe Steve Harvey Family Feud will ware on GSN soon:

Fact: Steve Harvey-hosted Family Feud currently airs 100 times a week on GSN. This occupies 50 of 138 total hours of the weekly GSN schedule, which accumulates to 36.2% of the entire schedule.

Future: With the spectacular ratings the reruns have been receiving on GSN lately (with multiple examples per week), Family Feud airtime on GSN will most likely rise as the years go on.

Fact: Combined with John O'Hurley's Family Feud, episodes of Feud from 2009 and after occupy 39.9% of the weekly GSN schedule (55 out of 139 total hours).

Future: As the popularity of John O'Hurley-hosted Family Feud gradually dies off, Steve Harvey-hosted Family Feud will take over just like it already has for most other O'Hurley slots and all Karn slots, which have slowly diminished from the schedule since 2013.

Fact: The airtime of Steve Harvey Family Feud is at an all-time high on GSN. However, all versions of Family Feud have occupied more slots in the past when you take in to account Karn, O'Hurley and Harvey in 2013.

Future: Harvey Feud likely has not hit its peak on GSN yet. While one would think airing a show on more nights for more hours would hurt a show, like Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? on ABC in the very early 2000's decade, this has not happened at all with Steve Harvey Family Feud. Last Thursday, Harvey Feud reruns ranked in the top 100 cable programs of the night.

Fact: Binge watching Family Feud on GSN is common. Take this Tweet for example-a reason why the nightly 2 to 7 hour marathons have lasted.

Future: Steve Harvey will last as host on Family Feud through at least 2019-20 and others have said 2020-21. GSN currently owns the rights to rerun the first four seasons (2010-14) of Harvey Feud with the fifth (2014-15) likely coming this Fall to GSN in reruns. The following five to six seasons (2015-20 or 2015-21) will definitely surface on GSN eventually.

GSN's rising primetime/total day averages: Second time ever primetime average cracks half a million mark

During the week of May 16-22, GSN's primetime/total day average was 518,000 total viewers/319,000 total viewers. On the surface, the primetime average is spectacular and the total day average is similar to prior weeks. Taking a closer look, the only comparable primetime average is from the week of March 2-8, 2015, which was 506,000 total viewers. All other primetime averages in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and likely GSN's history have never cracked the half a million total viewer mark.

From the five prior weeks, GSN's primetime average for May 16-22 is +15% (from 5/9-5/15), +13% (from 5/2-5/8), +11% (from 4/25-5/1), +26% (from 4/18-4/24), +20% (from 4/11-4/17).

From the prior weeks, GSN's total day average for May 16-22 is +7% (from 5/9-5/15), +7% (from 5/2-5/8), +5% (from 4/25-5/1), +6% (from 4/18-4/24), +7% (from 4/11-4/17).

Year-to-year, the May 16-22, 2016 primetime/total day average is:
May 18-24, 2015: +46%/+13% (354K/283K)
May 19-25, 2014: +56%/+31% (333K/243K)
May 20-26, 2013: +24%/+9% (420K/292K)
May 21-27, 2012: +73%/+32% (300K/242K)

While GSN's primetime average appears to be at its highest ever, GSN's total day average is not. Total day averages were typically higher in the colder winter months, averaging 324,000 total viewers in March 2016.


  1. Maybe GSN can have a whole network dedicated to Family Feud. Could be called TFFN (The Family Feud Network) and leave GSN for other game shows as the name indicates.

  2. It's crazy that Gsn airs so many hours a week airing family feud. I understand the ratings are good. But how do top execs feel that they do nothing to contribute to a network

  3. GSN is playing right into Fremantle Media's palm. GSN probably doesn't want to air MG, CS or even PYL in the mornings and would rather air original fare but since they want Harvey Feud, they have to air those programs. I think Fremantle Media will come up with a plan and force GSN to overpay for any episodes of Harvey Feud.
    Either that or make a trade with Buzzr in which GSN gives Buzzr the converted beta tapes in exchange for Harvey Feud. Need proof: MG on Buzzr is currently at 1978. GSN airs MG 78.

    1. "I think Fremantle Media will come up with a plan and force GSN to overpay for any episodes of Harvey Feud."

      I would think Fremantle already has a plan for GSN. Fremantle likely already knows how dependent GSN is on Harvey Feud. When a lease renewal is up or the time comes to acquire a very recent season (like the current airing in syndication), GSN would overpay. GSN NEEDS Harvey Feud.