Sunday, May 29, 2016

A non-Harvey 'Feud' Memorial Day marathon would have been nice from GSN

I believe GSN could do better than just regular programming all day on Memorial Day. The last time GSN had a festive, creative holiday marathon was at the end of 2014. Thanksgiving 2014 included marathons of Game Show Moments Gone Bananas, The Chase (and of course) Harvey Feud. Christmas 2014 marathons included Blockbusters, Super Password, Game Show Moments Gone Bananas, What's My Line?, To Tell the Truth, Baggage and newly-launched special, Baggage: Most Outrageous Moments. Now, there was some variety!

Thanksgiving 2015, Christmas 2015, New Years' Eve 2015 and New Years' Day 2016 came around with marathons that were mostly-if not all Steve Harvey-hosted Family Feud with some Idiotest and Hellevator mixed in. Whether you want episodes that have not been seen on GSN in 2 years, 10 years or reruns that currently air but you cannot watch (or have the desire to tape) because you are working, the following, for Memorial Day, would have been nice:

8:00am: Match Game
8:30am: Match Game
9:00am: Press Your Luck
9:30am: Press Your Luck
10:00am: Match Game
10:30am: Match Game
11:00am: Press Your Luck
11:30am: Press Your Luck
12:00pm: Match Game
12:30pm: Match Game
1:00pm: Press Your Luck
1:30pm: Press Your Luck
2:00pm: Match Game
2:30pm: Match Game
3:00pm: Press Your Luck
3:30pm: Press Your Luck
4:00pm: Match Game
4:30pm: Match Game
5:00pm: Press Your Luck
5:30pm: Press Your Luck

Of course for the powers-that-be at GSN, all that matters is profit, ratings and age skew. Match Game and Press Your Luck, even for only one-fourteenth (7.1%) of just one week of the schedule, would not cut it. GSN is a business, after all.

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  1. I have to agree. The last Memorial Day marathon they did was in 2014 and was Harvey Feud. Although I thought that was lazy and uncreative. I would have liked a Press Your Luck/Whammy marathon or a Match Game one as well.

    If they did come up with a marathon, here's what I think GSN executives would say.

    Executive 1: What should we do for Memorial Day?

    Executive 2: Are you stupid? Harvey Feud for the whole day. We don't care about our viewers and we are not creative.

    Executive 1: We did that on Christmas and New Year's sir.

    Executive 2: I don't care. As long as Steve pays us a good amount of money, we're doing Harvey Feud forever!!

    Executive 1: Fine. We'll do it.

    Executive 2: And if you don't, I will have Steve Harvey kill you and he'll take over GSN and have 24/7 Harvey Feud forever!!

    GSN has some twisted minds.

    1. Didn't GSN also have several Harvey Feud marathons this year as well, for Valentine's Day and whatnot? Every holiday has a Feud marathon now, not like it's needed because the current 7-day schedule already has Feud marathons every single day.

      So... let's review this so far for 500 Questions.

      S2, E1 THURS: 5.00 million, 0.9/3 18-49s (#2)
      S2, E2 FRI: 4.43 million, 0.7/3 18-49s (#1)
      S2, E3 SAT: 2.69 million, 0.4/1 18-49s (#3)

      On Friday, ABC won the 8 pm timeslot with 500 Questions. On Saturday, more people watched 500 Questions than watched Major League Baseball or King Kong, even though 48 Hours and King Kong won the 18-49 demo.

      Unfortunately, the last two nights will be the toughest. On Tuesday, 500 Questions is probably going to lose badly against the AGT Premiere, especially since Simon is on the panel this year, and everyone will want to tune-in to see how that plays out.

      On Wednesday, the 500 Questions Finale is up against the Ninja Warrior and MasterChef Premieres. Not sure how this will play out, but my guess is that Ninja Warrior won't really affect it, since the obstacle course was finally beaten last year. As for MasterChef... usually it pulls in good numbers for FOX during the summer months, so that might put a dent into 500's ratings.

      Overall though, ABC is probably satisfied with it, although it's again not high enough in viewership or the demo to justify an immediate renewal. Most likely we'll end up waiting till November again to hear if the show's coming back in 2017.

    2. "Didn't GSN also have several Harvey Feud marathons this year as well, for Valentine's Day and whatnot?"

      Yes. There was a Valentine's Day marathon and a Mother's Day marathon. Both were in the Sunday night, 6-11pm timeslot, which Harvey Feud already occupies and has occupied since Fall 2014.

      For 500 Questions, I hope the quizzer has a future but the ratings lean otherwise, which are even low for Friday and Saturday nights in the summer.

    3. You are not Casey A-turd. Stop using the word "quizzer." I hope IT does NOT have a future.

    4. I think 500 Questions will do fine despite the tough competition. ANW has grown in viewership the last two years, but 500Q shouldn't do to terribly. Talent might be a problem, seeing how it's summer's top show and now with Simon as judge, might help their viewership a bit. This is just for one week though, so no worries.

      It won't get immediately renewed, but even though Celebrity Family Feud put up great numbers last summer, it didn't get renewed until this past January. Some summer shows can take a while to renew depending on the cost I guess. Even though 2.6 mil is a bad number, on a Saturday night, that isn't that terrible. Heck, that night did better than most of ABC's Saturday reruns and even outdid some of their NBA Saturday Primetime games. So I don't think ABC is disappointed.

      The real question is how the rest will do. TTTT premieres June 14th and is at 10 pm. At least it avoids Talent. Sunday Fun and Games will succeed I think and has no real competition except when Celebrity Feud is up against Big Brother and the Olympics come August.

  2. Well, at Scott's defense, at least he doesn't bash other blogs. Casey A-hole has a "holier than thou" attitude with his own board.

    1. Yeah, I agree. A-hole is rather ridiculous. What a pompous jerk.