Monday, April 18, 2016

Why 'Wheel of Fortune', modern 'Jeopardy!' are not coming (back) to GSN

I posted some polls on the sidebar regarding if older and newer episodes of Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune would ever come to back to the GSN schedule.

What I believe, in short, is no.

I would say GSN is moving away from shows like Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, but this network already has been moving away from more non-traditional since 2013 for creating shows like Skin Wars, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, Hellevator and Window Warriors.

I do not believe GSN even needs shows like Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune back on the schedule. First, GSN daytime does quite fine on endless reruns of Deal or No Deal, Chain Reaction, Family Feud, Catch 21, different versions of Pyramid and Press Your Luck and so forth. Second, GSN strives for the Women 25-54 demographic, where Pat and Alex do not pull as strong of a demo that Family Feud does. 

GSN also strives for younger viewers. Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune do not skew young, or at least young enough for GSN's liking.

Wheel of Fortune has not been on the GSN schedule at all since a marathon in 2010. In May 2012, GSN acquired the 2008-09 season of Jeopardy!, which was pulled off the schedule within a year and never shown again. The lease to those episodes expire next month.

Last, GSN has not been big on acquisitions the past few years and has only cared about very modern episodes of Steve Harvey Family Feud. 

The only way I see Wheel or Jeopardy! coming back to the GSN schedule is if GSN wants to eliminate pre-1990's completely and fill the morning hours with something that is at least "traditional." Even I do not see that happening, where the pre-1990's remain strong enough in ratings for now to stay afloat. If they were to go, there are the current shows in the lineup that are cheaper fillers than Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune.

I also posted some polls on the sidebar about older versions of Family Feud and also Millionaire. Here would be my answers, if I voted on all polls:

Pre-2010 Jeopardy! ever coming back to GSN: No
Post-2010 Jeopardy!: No
Pre-2010 Wheel of Fortune: No
Post-2010 Wheel of Fortune: No
Dawson Feud: Yes, marathon format only
Combs Feud: Yes, marathon format only
Karn Feud: Yes
Millionaire: Yes, probably the Regis or Chris Harrison episodes at some point-likely marathon format.


  1. gsn is too dumb and black for WOF and jeopardy....

  2. Exactly. GSN is not known now for classic shows as they are for the originals. Someone on a.t.g-s years ago drew many similarities between Cartoon Network and GSN - original schedules all-classic shows, transitioning to more modern and original shows as time wore on. GSN will never get rid of the "classic" shows but they won't have much room at all on their schedule. Probably eventually down to an hour.

    1. "GSN will never get rid of the "classic" shows..."

      Someday shows like Card Sharks, Match Game, Press Your Luck and The $25,000 Pyramid simply will not have an audience anymore. Think about GSN existing for a few more decades. It's sad to say but viewers of the oldies, in majority, will be dying off.

      Also think about the late 1950's/early 1960's Black & White game shows that used to be on the schedule regularly (90's/early 2000's) but are not anymore (except for two weeks in December).

    2. "Think about GSN existing for a few more decades. It's sad to say but viewers of the oldies, in majority, will be dying off."

      I respectively disagree with you here. There are some younger fans too who enjoy the old shows.

    3. "I respectively disagree with you here. There are some younger fans too who enjoy the old shows."

      This is a correct statement. I am just not entirely confident that 5 to 10 years from now that there will still be 15 hours a week on the schedule of 1970's and 1980's shows when historically on GSN they have been on the decline.

  3. i think classics are toast on gsn in five years due to cord cutting and ota diginets skew old

  4. GSN wants their Harvey Feud and it must be Fremantle making a deal with GSN to include their classic shows as part of the Harvey Feud deal.
    I bet there is some sort of stipulation: Want Harvey Feud, then you must air classic MG, CS, and PYL. I bet that is why GSN airs classics during each weekday. If there was no stipulation, I could see them moving 25k Pyramid to the 8am slot followed by originals and/or Shop Til You Drop.

    Not sure if things will change since Buzzr is finally getting stronger. They will add Eubanks CS and limiting Perry's edition. That is why I think Eubanks CS is next to leave GSN.

  5. Classic Jeopardy does not hold up well in the ratings. The answers are outdated.
    Classic Wheel would do much better. It could be any year and the ratings would be high. It could be a random 2012 episode. I do hope they don't bring back the 94-95 season. That was played to death. One of the reasons it was bad: MEGAWORD.