Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekday primetime schedule change: A big deal

GSN primetime/total day averages have cooled off a bit lately. But that is about to change due to a major recent primetime change, effective tonight.

Steve Harvey Family Feud will enter the 8pm and 8:30pm timeslots, effective tonight and each weeknight going forward. Primetime ratings will definitely spike, since Family Feud is quite popular 6-8pm each weeknight, typically with ratings rising each half-hour. This new 8pm hour of Family Feud will likely build even more on the already very impressive numbers from 7:30pm. Consider the most recent strong and overall building pre-primetime Family Feud numbers.

Prediction: GSN's primetime numbers will improved greatly. Steve Harvey Family Feud, GSN's all-around highest rated show, increases airtime from 90 slots a week (prior weeks over the past months) to 98 slots per week (April 25-May 1). Meanwhile, Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm-1am ET is all Harvey Feud, Fridays 6pm-1am is six hours of Harvey Feud with a Skin Wars rerun at 11pm. Five of those seven hours on Tuesday night are Harvey Feud, while four of those seven hours on Wednesday are Harvey Feud.

Another plus to Harvey Feud at 8pm and 8:30pm weeknights: GSN is airing the 2013-14 episodes, with are the latest GSN have only been seen in later primetime, latenights and Sunday primetime. In other words, your regular GSN evening and early primetime viewer has not seen these 2013-14 episodes yet.

With 17 out of 21 hours of GSN's primetime hours (8-11pm) Steve Harvey Family Feud, ratings will be stronger.


  1. You think HF was added because GSN's primetime averages were slipping a bit? I think they slipped because of competition on other networks or it is spring so the weather is getting nicer.

    1. I believe GSN added Family Feud at 8pm and 8:30pm because

      1) They can
      2) It will perform extremely well

    2. How many viewers would it get?

    3. I'll ask for some numbers in the coming days. Take a look at the figures provided yesterday by Douglas Pucci from 4/21 6-8pm ET. There is typically a large, general build from 6pm onwards looking at those numbers and others we have seen in recent years.

      I would not be surprised if some Harvey Feud episodes get well above 500,000 total viewers and 150,000 18-49 viewers at 8pm and 8:30pm. Also consider the episodes being shown in the added hour are 2013-14 episodes, which have never appeared in pre-primetime or early primetime weeknights yet.

      So in other words, the 2013-14 episodes are definitely fresher to the average GSN viewer than Harvey's first two rerun-abused seasons (which are somehow still performing very well on the schedule).

    4. My God, just air Family Feud for 12 hours straight from 4 pm to 4 am, all 7 days of the week, while you're at it GSN. Why even bother spending any money at all producing original content when you can just run Harvey Feud all day and all night long. Sigh. The network which I used to watch 8 hours a day, of now I watch 1 hour a week, sometimes less.

  2. Are you watching Harvey Feud at 8 pm.

    1. I would if I were free. But I am not. Maybe some nights at 8pm I will, but not tonight.
      Still, regardless of me, Family Feud will do very well at 8pm.

  3. Like I said before, Steve Harvey's Family Feud is the Teen Titans Go of GSN.

    And Seriously what's the deal with FremantleMedia's secret love affair with social media?

    TPIR has a Socially Awesome week every season.
    LMAD has this Twitter thing where they have to bring an item from their house in a Youtube-like video in order to win.
    Feud of course has their so-called annoying-as-hell "moments" in order to be posted on Youtube just by getting cheap laughs along with the many "Likes" it deserves.
    and now, the upcoming 2016 revival of TTTT features a moment where one of the four celebrities have to "tweet" a "lie" because of their piss poor playing a spotting at one of the three "truth" tellers.

    IMHO...I believe Fremantle has become more "Social Media"-friendly and less "Family"-friendly in the process.