Sunday, April 10, 2016

Steve Harvey's career

Last week, Steve Harvey signed on to yet another project. His sixth, currently.

Harvey got (another) gig at ABC last week. It's some sort of Shark Tank spin-off. Entrepreneurs seeking money compete against each other in front of a live studio audience who will vote on which entrepreneur will get the deal. 

With the success of Shark Tank, the premise for Harvey's new show sounds great. But I do not see why Steve is doing this or why he needs it. The story says producer Mark Burnett has always wanted to work with Harvey, but with his already busy schedule (see below), I do not see what Steve's need for this is besides more money. 

Harvey's other ABC gig, of course, is Celebrity Family Feud. Celebrity Family Feud was a consistent hit last summer. Unfortunately, we still do not know when Season 2 is premiering. Harvey's other gigs include his radio show, his talk show, NBC's Little Big Shots and of course, the one show that has helped him get all these positions and recent publicity, Family Feud

I'm probably "crying" and "whining" here, but I wish Harvey would just put focus on Feud/Celeb Feud, his talk show and radio show. That's really what he does best.

I cannot say for sure what Harvey does best because I questioned myself months ago as to why Steve Harvey was doing Little Big Shots. Turns out, it was a hit and almost immediately renewed for a second season.

I just do not feel the need for more publicity for Harvey. Harvey will be oversaturated soon.

Harvey is a busy man, but he does not have to be.


  1. bad enough we have negro ff now we have negro shark tank. god this is disgusting. what are the entrepreneurs pitching? corn row fixing? cotton weaving machine? modified guns?

    give me a freakin break