Monday, April 4, 2016

Slow GSN news

There has been a pretty big lack of GSN news lately. Renewal odds from last week are the exact same. The possibility of a fourth season of Idiotest will be applied next week in renewal odds. With scheduling, very soon, we should expect the April 18-24 GSN schedule, which will reflect changes surrounding the Skin Wars Season 3 premiere (April 20th, 10pm ET). Keep an eye out!

GameShowNetworkNews, through this website and Twitter, took a recent poll regarding which gender watches GSN the most. From our Twitter poll, there was an edge for women, 57% to 43%. On this site, men had a huge advantage, 80% to 20%. Now, this could just be a sign that most GameShowNetworkNews readers (or those who saw the poll) are males. Our Twitter poll seems to be far more accurate with the actual GSN demographics. The actual GSN female to male ratio is commonly about 3 to 2.

GSN sent out three "new" promos today for Idiotest. They are new for season 3 of Idiotest, which premieres next Tuesday (4/12) at 10pm ET, but have been circulated on the airwaves already. Here are the three links:

Idiotest Season 3 promo 3

Update: GSN's Political Idiotest has found an exact timeslot. It will premiere Wednesday, April 20th at 11pm ET, following the season premiere of Skin Wars.

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