Saturday, April 9, 2016

'Skin Wars' Season 1 marathon tomorrow (4/10)

Skin Wars Season 1 contestants with
host Rebecca Romijn.
This is a reminder that tomorrow, Sunday, April 10th, GSN will air a Season 1 Skin Wars marathon. This is for hype and preparation for the Skin Wars Season 3 premiere on Wednesday, April 20th at 10pm ET.

Tomorrow's marathon will begin at 12pm ET and conclude at 8pm ET. All eight episodes from Season 1 will air. Episodes include guest judges Emma Cammack (who is currently on Skin Wars: Fresh Paint; at 1pm ET), Carson Kressley (at 2pm ET), Lynda Carter (at 3pm ET) and Joanne Gair (in the semi-final at 6pm ET). The Season 1 finale airs at 7pm ET.

Season 1 of Skin Wars originally aired in August and September 2014.

All episode numbers and details can be found on Page 19 and 20 of this advanced schedule.

GSN will air a Season 2 Skin Wars marathon next Sunday, April 17th.


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