Thursday, April 21, 2016

Revised April 18-24 GSN schedule: 'Political Idiotest' rerun pulled

Most likely in response to last night's horrible Political Idiotest ratings, GSN has pulled one of the Political Idiotest reruns on Friday 4/22 at 12am ET (basically Sautrday 4/23 on the East Coast). Family Feud will replace that run.

April 18-24 (revised)

Friday 4/22 schedule:
8:00pm & 8:30pm: Chain Reaction
9-11pm: Family Feud
11:00pm: Skin Wars
12:00am & 12:30am: Family Feud


  1. I watched Political Idiotest and it was extremely boring. I like to use the analogy of comparing Idiotest and Political Idiotest to Baggage and Baggage on the Road. Both of their respective spinoffs were much slower-paced and uninteresting, compared to the originals. In fact, while I was watching Political Idiotest, I actually thought it was worse than the celebrity episodes of the original Idiotest series, because in the Political version, absolutely no money whatsoever was given out. It was basically like having two celebrities in a satirical talk show playing puzzles, like a Late Night segment on Jimmy Fallon or something.

    No doubt the low ratings were because of the timeslot, but if I were GSN, I would not do this again. It's not something I'd be interested in. And I understand how people are getting tired of the regular Idiotest as well. Skin Wars had to die down sometime too. You can only get a kick out of watching naked girls for so long, until you realize you can get to that kind of stuff at any time on the internet.

    Now, looking at some other interesting things. First, I think Easiest Game Show Ever is gone. We'll never see the remaining 10 episodes, because POP has removed all airings of it from their schedule. Next, for the summer, looks like ABC's getting my DVR filled, and good thing too, because unlike CBS/FOX, I can still use Auto-Hop right away for ABC, instead of waiting 7+ days. 500 Questions starts next month, also will be watching $100k Pyramid, Battlebots and I'll check out the premiere of To Tell The Truth.

    Meanwhile, CBS has nothing for the 7th year in a row. FOX has Coupled, but that'll probably be boring, and NBC doesn't have anything of interest to me either. One piece of info -- The Price is Right competing against The Bachelorette. That's a first, but since I don't particularly like Moonves, I'll be rooting for ABC to win out in the ratings in this battle.

  2. To Tell The Truth will wind up repeating on gsn because theyre the colored peoples network now

  3. More great news. Bye, political idiot test.