Monday, April 18, 2016

Renewal odds 4/18/16: 'Hellevator', 'Skin Wars', 'Idiotest'

Hellevator: Renewed for a second season at the upfronts. 4 episodes coming in the Fall! Chance of renewal (for season 2): 100% (flat)

Skin Wars: With the third season premiering this Wednesday, it is time to look ahead for Season 4 predictions. We already know that, as of last December and currently, GSN is looking ahead and casting for Season 4.

Skin Wars is a GSN favorite and priority. It is one of their younger-skewing originals (median age of 48 in 2015) and very strong in total viewers as well (unlike young-skewing originals Idiotest and Hellevator). Even if Skin Wars does decline big and crash in its upcoming third season, the show would be rebooted and GSN would try just about anything for a better fourth season. Chance of renewal (for season 4): 99%

Idiotest: Premiere ratings last Tuesday were overall good. Idiotest skewed young, had its best night in total viewers for new runs since last June and was not too far off from the Season 2 premiere. However, there was a drop off from Family Feud and GSN was likely expecting better ratings. This is only one week of ratings that were nothing fantastic and not anything disastrous either. For now, no changes for the possibility of another season. Chance of renewal (for season 4): 55% (flat)


  1. GSN needs to expand programming. 30+% of their schedule is Family Feud (O`Hurley/Harvey versions). 15 hours of Deal Or No Deal makes the repetitive of the schedule almost too much. A couple weeks ago.Deal on Saturday aired an episode that aired earlier that week. Sunday they started airing srason 4 of the show so they won`t be on the same loop. Need to get some different programming , at least for the weekend. Password, Match Game, Pyramid or one of the othe classics. How bout Shop Til You Drop or Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader. Heck bring back Lingo and Carney Wilson`s version of Newlywed Game. Viewers need more than Steve Harvey.

    1. I like your ideas but GSN has had some of their best weeks yet in ratings within the past couple of years living off plenty of Harvey Feud and Deal or No Deal "reruns of reruns".

      We do not see Password and more of Match Game & Pyramid because they skew old. GSN limits the pre-1990's to mornings.

      STYD had a lack of interst after its 2013-15 run on GSN.

      5th Grader was expensive for GSN to keep and skewed older, although I was very surprised when it left the schedule prematurely. Plus 5th Grader left in part because of complicated stuff with American Bible Challenge.

      The Newlywed Game with Carnie Wilson cannot be aired on GSN any more without cost because of a lawsuit and bitterness between GSN and Wilson.

      Lingo, both Woolery and Engvall, should be back on GSN. If there is ever a gap to fill in daytime, Lingo would likely be back.

    2. I should also add we do not see more of Match Game, Password and classic Pyramid on GSN potentially because of the co-existence with Buzzr.

    3. And sad to say, 5th Grader is almost 10 years old. I don't think GSN wants it anymore. Although it shouldn't have left the schedule to begin with. It would be good at 4 or 5 pm. DOND is starting to get repetitive with the episodes. Even they don't want the short lived 2015 reboot because it would be too much to pay with Fox. Regis Millionaire I think will return but as a marathon format. If Regis eventually passes, GSN better do a Millionaire marathon. They completely ignored Perry, so they better not ignore him. STYD I thought bombed in its short lived 10 am run last year. Carniewed kind of stunk. People are more used to Sherri being on. Besides, what has Carnie done after that? I really do think GSN needs to cut down on the Harvey reruns. It was like History's constant marathons of Pawn Stars at one point. Endless and annoying.

      GSN was the network for games. Now it's the 24 Hour Feud Network. Jeopardy and Wheel would be great additions, but they would have to pay Sony a huge amount of money.

    4. "And sad to say, 5th Grader is almost 10 years old."

      That's hard to believe. Feel like only a few years ago originally on FOX. Wow do I feel old.

      "If Regis eventually passes, GSN better do a Millionaire marathon."

      I think you mean WHEN Regis eventually passes. :) It's GSN's decision of they want to air a Millionaire and/or Million Dollar Password marathon. I hope GSN does.

      "Besides, what has Carnie done after [The Newlywed Game]?"

      Not too much. Celebrity Wife Swap. A Progressive Commercial. Guest host on The Talk. But not too much.

      "I really do think GSN needs to cut down on the Harvey reruns."

      Ratings are hot and GSN will not cut back unless there is a specific reason they need to.

    5. Non related, but I watching a YouTube video and before the video, A 30 second Skin Wars ad popped up. I skipped it, but I think that is a first for GSN. My theory, but I think GSN moved SW to 10 pm to avoid Empire at 9 pm. For Political Idiotest, you think GSN might have a couple more for the time when the presidential debates and the final election comes around?

    6. YouTube ads are ineffective. Nice try, GSN.

      Political Idiotest will get more episodes only if it does well in ratings post-Skin Wars. I have a feeling Political Idiotest will do well and will get a couple more specials.

    7. I think by 2017, we might have sadly one hour of classics.

    8. I still think at least two to two and a half hours will still be intact next year. GSN tried just last year filling mornings with semi-modern shows including O'Hurley Feud, Shop 'Til You Drop and Catch 21, and that did not work.

      For now, GSN does not have much else to fill in 8-11am morning slots. Maybe soon, if and when the current lease to The $25,000 Pyramid expires next month, then something like Lingo or Chain Reaction goes in at 10:30am ET.

      But who really knows. This is indecisive GSN we are talking about here.

    9. Yep. I hope Buzzr comes to my area so I can watch classic games, even if they repeat the same 10 episodes.

      If $25,000 Pyramid does leave, I could see Lingo both Engvall or Woolery taking it, Chain Reaction, or heck maybe $100,000 Pyramid.

    10. If GSN does not want to acquire something new, then The $100,000 Pyramid would be out. Woolery Lingo or Chain Reaction (2006-07) I would see as the likely candidate at 10:30am if GSN does not want to renew classic leases.