Monday, April 11, 2016

Renewal odds 4/11/16: 'Skin Wars', 'Hellevator', 'Idiotest'

Skin Wars: Season 3 premieres next Wednesday, April 20th at 10pm ET. Chance of renewal (for season 3): 100% (flat)

Hellevator: Four episodes of Season 2 premiere this Fall on GSN. Chance of renewal (for season 2): 100% (flat)

Idiotest: Season 3 starts tomorrow, which means it is time to look ahead to Season 4! The already gloomy news for Idiotest is that the episode order for Season 3 has been reduced to 40 half-hour episodes, down from the 65 half-hour episodes in Season 2. It is obvious that GSN should plan a shorter season of Idiotest due to the decline in ratings for new episodes over the course of 2015

There are also several positives for Idiotest. It skews young, which is something GSN could not say about the now-cancelled The Chase or Chain Reaction. Most of the time, Idiotest skews younger than Family Feud and had a median viewer age of 53 for all new episodes last spring and summer

GSN has an Idiotest spin-off going for them, Political Idiotest. GSN executives must like Ben Gleib and Idiotest enough to produce a spin-off, where Idiotest cannot be in that big of trouble. Still, ratings declined throughout 2015 and we will see if Season 3 can produce enough of a turnaround to achieve a fourth season. Chance of renewal (for Season 4): 55%

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