Sunday, April 24, 2016

'Political Idiotest' review

Idiotest host Ben Gleib imitates Donald Trump
(left) and Bernie Sanders (right) for Political
I got around to watching Political Idiotest on my Saturday night. I will admit it was more of a "talk show/game show", rather than a true game show, like Idiotest itself. I was expecting more of an actual game show with some talk about each political side's issues.

Panelists Tomi Lahren, the Republican, and Cenk Uygur, the Democrat, were fun in their own ways. They were not the problem.

The money was obviously goofy, allowing amounts like $50,000 and $35,000 after the first round. At least Ben put a twist on the end of the episode when it came to taxes and how much the government actually does take away from your game show winnings.

You could tell the scoring was not legitimate. Each time Ben said "3 seconds left" or "1 second left" to Tomi or Cenk, they actually got well beyond the allowed time. For those who did not watch, there was no running clock.

I just wished Political Idiotest was more like the Idiotest game show with the gameplay. You could say that could be harder to do with each team only having one teammate, not two, but that could be worked around. 

I will give Gleib and other Political Idiotest producers credit, because the puzzles were excellent. In particular, the very first with the "I voted" and very last with the two frountrunners against each other, with Tomi and Cenk forcing to "pick one", were excellent.

Political Idiotest grade: C+. It was slightly entertaining, I did enjoy the puzzles and overall concept, but following poor ratings, likely never happening again.

I also had the opportunity to watch the Chelsea Lately reunion episode of Idiotest prior, which reran at 10pm ET last night. A very good and funny episode, I would say. It's also good to know that on Idiotest when celebrities (or "celebrities") play, the minimum amount the losing team can leave with for their respective charities is $1,000 and the team that makes it to Smart Money Round will get their cash winnings bumped up to $3,000, no matter how low they actually scored throughout the game.


  1. The only problem was it was more of a talk show like you mentioned. I don't think GSN will order another special due to ratings being poor, but they might. Another problem was the crap 11 pm slot. It would have done a lot better if it aired at 9 or 8 pm. Was still better in ratings than most of the Lie Detectors ratings last year.

  2. Did u consider prefacing this w/ a spoiler alert? I've never posted here before and only been a viewer, but this is bush league my friend. Whoever runs this site has no clue whatsoever.

    1. Sharon, I did not post any spoilers in the above post about the outcome of the actual episode. In Political Idiotest, the "$50,000 to $35,000" was not legitimate nor reveals who took the lead or won that game. As for the winnings on the Chelsea Lately episode of Idiotest, those rules were most already known (just clarified) from this episode:

      ...also in no way whatsoever ruin the turnout of the episode.

      Sorry if you thought you saw a spoiler, but none were posted above.

  3. You meant "None WAS posted."

  4. Ughhhhhhhhh!!! Could that Ben Dweeb possibly get any more annoying??! Cannot wait until this show and him are gone from GSN for good.

  5. does anyone have a link to the cenk uygur and lehrer political idiotest show online?

  6. does anyone have a link to the cenk uygur and lehrer political idiotest show online?