Monday, April 11, 2016

'Political Idiotest' press release

"Feel the Ben" with Idiotest
host Ben Gleib, who will
host Political Idiotest. This
banner is a take-off of
Democratic Presidential
Candidate Bernie Sanders'
"Feel the Bern".
GSN sent out a press release regarding Political Idiotest about two and a half hours ago. The reason GameShowNetworkNews did not get to it sooner is because it was already known information.

The press release states that Political Idiotest does indeed launch Wednesday, April 20th at 11pm ET following the Season 3 Skin Wars premiere.

Political Idiotest will feature very current news stories (immediately following the New York primary on April 19th). Political Idiotest will film the same day it airs. In other words, Political Idiotest will film on April 20th during the day, will go through some editing and quickly get to air (hence, why it airs so late rather than an 8pm ET timeslot so there is time to make some on-air touches).

I do feel like between the Idiotest tie-in and the political aspect with how much interest has been thrown at this current presidential election cycle and also factoring in the lead-in, I believe this one-time special of Political Idiotest will be a success and will be back in some shape or form later this year. Political Idiotest is one of the smartest decisions GSN executives have made lately.

Here is the press release:

April 11, 2016, SANTA MONICA, Calif. — GSN, the leader in game shows and competitive entertainment, announced today a new half-hour special event, combining its hit series IDIOTEST with America’s obsession with all things politics.  POLITICAL IDIOTEST, produced in association with POPSUGAR, one of the strongest media brands among millennials, will air Wednesday, April 20 at 11pm ET/PT.
POLITICAL IDIOTEST, hosted by comedian and political commentator Ben Gleib, features pundits from both sides of the aisle facing off in a series of games and politically-oriented brain teasers, leading to a satirical commentary on the news of the day.  The topics of the brain teasers are ripped from the headlines since the show will tape the same day it airs. 
Frequent political commentator for NPR, CNN and ABC News, Ben Gleib – who also hosts IDIOTEST – brings his passion for politics and a unique point-of-view to the special.  "This election has Americans talking about some really important things, but also a lot of really dumb things.  We hope to use this show to try and make some sense of the two,” explains Gleib. “Politics and ‘Idiotest’ are a perfect match, because in politics there's no shortage of idiots."
Gleib also serves as an executive producer on POLITICAL IDIOTEST, along with Barry Poznick of Barracuda Productions, Jordan Allen of POPSUGAR, Mark Cronin of Little Wooden Boat Productions, Adam Rosenblatt, Jamie Rosenblatt and Christian Horner of H2R Productions, Ryan Devlin and Shawn Greenson of He Shoots, He Scores Productions, Larry Barron and Ryan Curtis. 
POLITICAL IDIOTEST, like IDIOTEST, is based on the highly popular app game and gives two contestants the opportunity to face off in several rounds of visual brain teasers that look deceptively simple, but whose answers actually require a keen eye, quick mind and heightened sense of logic. Each question in the special will have a political theme and involves a fun, colorful and often whimsical scene that tests observation and attention to detail.  Contestants play the game on giant touch screens in the center of the set, trying to win money...or at least not look stupid.


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  2. What a gross picture. Ben Dweeb. Fattie. No one wants to "feel" him. I wish this show would go away.