Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Partial 'Skin Wars' Season 1 marathon ratings

These ratings are from the Season 1 Skin Wars marathon, which aired on Sunday, April 10th (All Times ET):

1:00pm Skin Wars (episode 2): 235,000 total viewers/52,000 18-49 viewers
2:00pm Skin Wars (episode 3): 243,000 total viewers/64,000 18-49 viewers
3:00pm Skin Wars (episode 4): 251,000 total viewers/63,000 18-49 viewers
4:00pm Skin Wars (episode 5): 271,000 total viewers/56,000 18-49 viewers

Overall: Poor in total viewers (though not completely awful for a Sunday afternoon in the Spring and a marathon of a show that does not do well in reruns). Also younger-skewing than most of the GSN lineup but not as young skewing as Skin Wars normally performs.


  1. Another piece of the summary of ratings I forgot: a good thing is at least Skin Wars rose over the four hours in total viewers.

  2. It's a Sunday afternoon. People have better stuff to do than watch Skin Wars. Besides, competition series like this one don't do well in reruns.