Thursday, April 28, 2016

GSN Ratings 4/27: 'Skin Wars' up impressively

Source: ShowBuzz

More ratings will come in as they are provided

GSN Ratings for Wednesday, April 27th (All Times ET):
10:00pm Skin Wars (new): 566,000 total viewers/0.15 18-49 household number (about 185,000 18-49 viewers); up 32% in total viewers from last week

Summary: Big gains for Skin Wars week to week to put the show back on pace to the numbers it usually gets.


  1. I think this season is following a pattern from last year. First episode had so so numbers then perked up big in the second week. Maybe people forgot it was on last week.

    BTW, the Crackle original Sports Jeopardy has found a home at NBCSN. The show will start airing August 6th during Olympic coverage and will last until August 20th. After a brief hiatus, the show will return in the fall on Wednesday nights after NHL coverage. It hasn't been confirmed if new episodes will be made, but hopefully it will.

  2. Just saw this. ABC is reviving Match Game for a 10 episode run. Alec Baldwin will host the revival. Apparently, it will air after Strahan Pyramid and Celebrity Feud this summer.

    1. Great decision by ABC, but it goes to show you that it doesn't take a long time for networks to bring something to air. Less than two months until Match Game premieres, but it was only just announced today. So if a network really wants to speed up production of a series, they can do it. Doesn't take 6+ months for a series to go from being greenlit to being aired, unlike what some people think.

    2. True. Celebrity Family Feud was ordered in April last year, and came to air in June. I'm assuming the second season of Celeb Feud has 10 episodes, seeing how both $100k Pyramid and Match Game have 10 episodes. We have to thank Feud for this because if Celeb Feud failed, then the Pyramid and Match Game revivals would not have happened.

      I saw that 500 Questions will premiere on May 26th, a Thursday night. I wonder like last year if it still will be a nightly event or it will be now a weekly show. ABC is loaded this summer and I mean loaded. With Celeb Feud, $100k Pyramid, Match Game, BattleBots, To Tell The Truth, I'll be tuning in to ABC a lot this summer. I forgot ABC also has the Jimmy Kimmel produced game show Big Fan, but who knows when that will air.

      Until then primetime game show wise, I guess I'll tune in to the three TPIR primetime specials on CBS in late May. To comment on your post below Scott T, 5th Grader was ruined because of constant spoilers and it was up against AGT. Knock Knock Live flat out sucked. The sitcoms that replaced it 2 weeks later did better in ratings than that did. BOOM was a good show as well, it just struggled on Thursdays. It looks like Hollywood Game Night as well could get the boot from NBC if it got pulled from Sunday nights after 3 weeks.

  3. Damn. I was hoping it would keep tanking where we would be rid of that stupid show.

  4. My god. I just realized ABC Sunday is going to be the game show night for the ages this year. Family Feud, $100k Pyramid and Match Game, all new and all back-to-back.

    By the way, interesting article here:

    "Last summer all the networks bet big on game shows because they’re cheap, fun and easy to produce. Knock Knock Live was an immediate disaster; a revival of Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader was a disappointment; and 500 Questions was a moderate success. Celebrity Family Feud, hosted by Steve Harvey – who currently hosts a syndicated non-celebrity version of the show as well – was the only certified hit, averaging almost nine million viewers over its six-episode run."

    "While this seems like a fun night of programming, someone should remind ABC of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, a smash hit that it put on the air five times a week and ran into the ground, unseating it from its throne as the most-watched network in the country. The stakes aren’t nearly as high with these shows, which will never reach the 30 million viewers that Millionaire did at its height, but it just goes to show that with game shows, sometimes less of a good thing is ... blank."