Thursday, April 21, 2016

GSN Ratings 4/20: 'Skin Wars' premiere down big from Season 2; 11:30pm 'Idiotest' very weak (UPDATE: POOR NUMBERS FOR 'POLITICAL IDIOTEST') (UPDATE: ALL RATINGS NOW AVAILABLE)

Source: ShowBuzz; Douglas Pucci (TVMediaInsights)

GSN Ratings for Wednesday, April 20th (All Times ET):
10:00pm Skin Wars (premiere): 428,000 total viewers/135,000 18-49 viewers
11:00pm Political Idiotest (special): 176,000 total viewers/59,000 18-49 viewers; down 59% in total viewers/down 57% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
11:30pm Idiotest (new): 228,000 total viewers/69,000 18-49 viewers; up 30% in total viewers/up 17% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in


Last night's Skin Wars season premiere is down 21% in total viewers from the Season 2 premiere. Last night's Skin Wars was not a series low, however was well below the ordinary average of new Skin Wars episodes from 2014 and 2015.

Last night's Skin Wars was the second-lowest rated episode ever for the series. Also, Skin Wars had a series low in 18-49 viewers.

Last night's Skin Wars season premiere is down 26% in total viewers and also down 41% in 18-49 viewers from the last new Skin Wars episode on August 19, 2015, which was the Season 2 finale.

As for after Skin Wars, Political Idiotest really did not click with the smaller-than-usual Skin Wars crowd. A horrible showing for Political Idiotest, but I believe it was just a bad, late timeslot.

Percentage of audience under 50 years of age:
10:00pm Skin Wars (premiere): 31.5% (median age: about 53)
11:00pm Political Idiotest (special): 33.5% (median age: about 50)
11:30pm Idiotest (new): 30.3% (median age: about 57)

Overall: A pretty bad night for GSN. You have to consider that Skin Wars was heavily promoted while the whole two hours (Skin Wars, Political Idiotest and Idiotest) were extremely underwhelming.

On the sidebar polls, 69% of voters said the Skin Wars premiere would rank above the Season 2 premiere (which would have been above 540K total viewers). 30% of voters were correct by saying this year's Skin Wars premiere would rank below the Season 2 premiere (below 540K total viewers), which it did.

On the sidebar polls, 55% of voters said the Skin Wars premiere would have a median age of "Under 45", while 40% said "45 to 55", which it was.

On the sidebar polls, the majority of viewers out of the four options, at 35%, said Political Idiotest would fare between 400K and 500K total viewers. Only 17% of voters were correct by stating Political Idiotest would fare under 300K total viewers.


  1. Even though I am not a fan of Skin Wars, I am surprised that Skin Wars Season 3 premiere did badly in the ratings, though there have been much worse (Family Trade, to name one).

    Makes me wonder if this is the beginning of a downward spiral for Skin Wars? Maybe Steve Harvey didn't lead in to the Skin Wars new season premiere or something.

    1. It appears the peak of Skin Wars was its first season. Consider Season 2 contained the current series high in both 18-49 and total viewers for Skin Wars. However, overall Season 2 was down from Season 1.

      Reruns of Idiotest led into Skin Wars, not Harvey Feud. I'm not quite sure what GSN was thinking there. Always lead new shows in with Harvey Feud, GSN!

    2. Ouch. Those Political Idiotest numbers are terrible. Positive news is that 11:30 Idiotest rebounded from a terrible lead in. Don't put new stuff at 11 pm. People are likely in bed by that time. Skin Wars has nothing to worry. 428k is a decent amount for a hourly show by their standards. Maybe putting it at 10 pm was a mistake. The question is how it will perform next week with a repeat SW as its lead in. If I were GSN, I would put a repeat Skin Wars at 8, Harvey Feud at 9, and then the new SW remains at 10. Don't blame the NBA or the NHL Playoffs because their ratings have been down year to year as well.

      BTW, if anyone wanted to know, ABC announced that Celebrity Family Feud and $100,000 Pyramid will premiere on June 26th. Also, the Anthony Anderson hosted To Tell The Truth will premiere on June 14th, a Tuesday night. Apparently, it will have a sneak peek at 8 and then its official premiere at 10 pm. At least it's not up against America's Got Talent I hope.

    3. Panelists on TTTT will be Betty White, who was on the original version, Jalen Rose, former basketball star and current ESPN NBA analyst, and NeNe Leakes, one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

    4. IMHO...Even though Betty White will act as a "decoy" for the nostalgic people to calm down (a.k.a avoid getting their panties up in a bunch) I'm still not looking forward to the 2016 ABC reboot of "Truth".

    5. Adam: Now that Family Feud is moving into the 8pm ET hour Monday-Friday starting next week, I would:

      9-10pm ET: Back to back new Idiotest
      10pm: Family Feud

      9pm: Skin Wars (new)

      Forget about a Skin Wars rerun from last week leading into the new episode. Most of the time that lead-in rerun brings in pretty bad ratings.

    6. Political Idiotest might not get another special after those ratings. Moving both shows is the best option seeing how both did poorly. Note to self GSN, don't put originals at late night and pick a better timeslot to both shows!

      I'm keeping it short because it's hard for me to talk game shows after seeing that Prince died. It really affected me. RIP to one of the great music artists.

    7. Well at least it was a one-time special right!

      As for The artist formerly knows as you know who...Our legends are dying every year, and it still sucks that its happening in the new millennium.

  2. This is excellent news. I hate both of those shows. Sorry for those of you who enjoy them!

  3. Skin Wars is falling in the ratings YES!