Monday, April 11, 2016

GSN now "indecisive" about June 15th 'Skin Wars: Fresh Paint' premiere

After this GameShowNetworkNews post on Friday about major developments with GSN's 2016-17 programming, GSN has removed the June 15th premiere tag from Skin Wars: Fresh Paint

To emphasize: GameShowNetworkNews did not "make up" or falsely publish information. However, it appears that GSN has gone from "Skin Wars: Fresh Paint premiering June 15th" to no set premiere date at all, but still approximately around or slightly after June.

Also to emphasize: GSN's current programming administration is notoriously indecisive and very difficult to work with when it comes to making a decision. One of the most notable decisions GSN went back and forth on was whether to renew The Chase for a fifth season for the second half of 2015.

You can also recall that GSN reversed decision on the Hellevator finale. At first, the series was suppose to be at an episode a week for eight weeks. Then, GSN decided to air a two-hour season finale on December 9th, thus cutting Hellevator one week short. GSN flip-flopped on that decision and just let the series run until December 16th.

There are many more examples where GSN executives have been indecisive and this one with Skin Wars: Fresh Paint is yet another example.

Once again, there was no "made up" information here at GameShowNetworkNews about the Skin Wars: Fresh Paint premiere. This is simply just GSN executives not making up their minds. Everything else is (for now) intact with Winsanity coming in June, both Hellevator and Window Warriors premiering this Fall and the four in-development projects (Breaking App, Divided, The Investigation and Run & Buzz).

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