Friday, April 8, 2016

GSN 2016-17 programming updates

Exactly one month after the 2016-17 GSN upfronts, much more news has come out about several upcoming GSN projects. 

Skin Wars: Fresh Paint has a premiere date. The series will premiere Wednesday, June 15th at 10pm ET. Here is a never-before-seen promo video for Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, where host RuPaul Charles (and judge on Skin Wars) justifiably states "Skin Wars ripped the lid off the professional world of bodypainting". Former Skin Wars contestants clearly seen in the advertisement are Aryn Fox (Season 2, 3rd place), Dutch Bihary (Season 1, 3rd place), Natalie Fletcher (Season 1 winner) and Rio Sirah (Season 2, 5th place). 

For Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, on the night of premiere (June 15th), the third season of Skin Wars should be on its ninth episode. Skin Wars will occupy the Wednesday 10pm ET slot starting April 20th.

Winsanity will premiere in June. Here is a never-before-seen clip and first official Winsanity promo from GSN, which is the very first to feature host Donald Faison, contestants and the Winsanity set. Donald Faison appears saying that contestants have won $10,000. There is also a car. I must say I am impressed so far with Winsanity, it is a true game show and the series seems to focus on contestant's enjoying their time on the show. In the promo, a Scrubs question is asked and Faison asked a contestant who their favorite Scrubs character was. The contestant stated to Faison "You, of course!"

Here is a Season 3 Idiotest promo and Season 3 Skin Wars promo, which are new promos but feature footage that has been seen in other, shorter promos.

Here is a new Hellevator promo, which completely features all clips from Season 1 (Season 2 has not filmed at all yet). Hellevator Season 2 will premiere this Fall on GSN.

Window Warriors now has a tentative premiere date on GSN for this Fall. Here is an exclusive YouTube preview. The promo shows footage (of likely a pilot) of artists creating work. No hosts or judges have been assigned to Window Warriors yet. In the promo, it is stated that Window Warriors is from the producers of Shark Tank.

GSN has also launched four completely new promos for their "In Development" projects, Breaking App, The Investigation, Divided and Run & Buzz.

Breaking App is from the producers of Shark Tank. The promo features a mock contestant pitching an app idea to four investors and getting either denied or a deal. The app also features the fact that 10,000 new apps are put on the market every week with hopeful creators hoping that their app will become the next big thing, but most fail. Breaking App has been green-lit for a pilot.

The Investigation shows pieces of footage from crime scenes, but does not appear to show any footage from any type of pilot. The Investigation has been green-lit for a pilot.

The Divided promo shows intense, contestant footage completely from the 2009-10 UK series.

The Run & Buzz promo features a mock pilot clip with contestants having to run to a buzzer to answer questions.

First to GameShowNetworkNews, here are more Winsanity set photos:


  1. Thanks for showing these! Wouldn't have been able to see these otherwise without the direct links.

    I like the Winsanity promo and the Divided promo. For Winsanity, I hope the top prize isn't another $10k, but it certainly looks that way based on the video.

    The Divided promo is interesting because it shows an amount of $30,000 rapidly counting down. I wonder if GSN will use these same amounts, or if they'll cheapen the series.

    Kind of sad we only have 2 interesting game shows to look forward to out of all these projects on GSN, 1 of which hasn't even started filming yet...

  2. Winsanity looks nice. I just hope GSN doesn't give it a crap timeslot. Winsanity's grand prize will probably be small, but if it worked for Idiotest, it can work for Winsanity. I won't skip the show just because the show has a cheap money prize. I bet if anything, this will be a companion for Idiotest.

    Non GSN related, but Hollywood Game Night was pulled from NBC's Sunday Night lineup after 3 weeks due to poor ratings. That's the network's fault if you ask me because they gave it the Sunday 10 pm slot, which was stupid. Reruns of Dateline NBC (go figure) replaced it last Sunday.

  3. It also looks like Easiest Game Show Ever was pulled again. It was just put back on the schedule after a month-long hiatus, supposedly airing now Tuesdays at 11/10c. Well... Ep.10 just aired this week and Ep.11 was suppose to air this coming Tuesday (April 12) but now it has been removed from the schedule. Still 10 episodes left to burn off...

    And Monopoly seems to be winding down as well. I thought new episodes of MMC were supposed to air up until the end of this month, but there's been a pretty long break up until now...

  4. I don't know about EGSE, but rumor has it one of the final eps of MMC had a million dollar win. If it doesn't air they aren't obligated to pay off. So it's much cheaper to play out the remaining weeks w/ repeats which will probably get similar ratings.

    1. You mean you didn't come up with a fake press release for the occasion? I'm shocked.

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