Friday, April 15, 2016

Analyzing 'Idiotest' Season 3 premiere ratings

Ratings for Season 3 of Idiotest came in the other day, likely lower than expected for GSN's liking. Here is more of a digestion of Tuesday night's ratings:

Comared to the double-run Season 2 premiere, Tuesday's double-run Season 3 premiere was up 1% in total viewers but down 26% in 18-49 viewers. Overall with the comparison: slightly bad news

Idiotest dropped big from Family Feud in total viewers from 9:30pm but held on to most of the 18-49 viewers. Overall from the leading in Family Feud episode to the second new episode of Idiotest, about a third of total viewers were lost but only 15% of 18-49 viewers were. Somehow, Idiotest cannot hold on to all of Feud's viewers and we can see why GSN airs so much Family Feud. Another hour of Feud over the new Idiotest would have likely smashed the ratings we saw for Idiotest in comparison. Overall for Idiotest: Mostly bad news

On the sidebar poll, 54% of voters said the Season 3 Idiotest premiere would average above 500,000 total viewers, which it did not. 25% of voters said Idiotest would premiere between 300,000 and 400,000 total viewers, which it did, averaging 378,000 total viewers between 10pm and 10:30pm ET.

On another sidebar poll, 51% of voters said the median viewer age of Tuesday night's Idiotest would be under 45 years old, 41% of voters said the median viewer age would be between 45 and 55 and only 6% said the median age would be above 55. The percentage of viewers under 50 years of age for the 10pm Idiotest was 30% and the 10:30pm Idiotest was 30.2%. The approximate median viewer age from those percentages was somewhere between 56 and 59. The small minority was correct in that poll. Overall with the median age: Good

The best news for Idiotest: It was by far the youngest-skewing show of the night and had its best ratings in total viewers since last June.

Have no fear for Idiotest. Ratings fluctuate a lot for the show and even if the upcoming 40-episode stretch averaged what last night did, the series would see life beyond the current season.


  1. Tammy Cox-BlockerApril 15, 2016 at 9:45 PM

    And speaking of Harvey Feud, it looks like we get bombarded with more and more as TVLand starts to air repeats again tomorrow morning(4/16). After watching a current ep recently, I have no idea how Casey can continue to defend it as a great show to sit down and watch w/ grandma and the kids. Let's see, the answer board on the show I saw listed 'her sugar walls' for vagina and 'fluff his chubb' for what a male stripper does before he goes onstage. Yep, lets invite the preacher over and sit down for a fun-filled hour of the Family Crude!! I like adult stand up, but not when it's on nightly at 7:00.

    1. It just seems like every season, Feud gets cruder and cruder.

    2. Are you talking about that fat fart Casey? Who the heck cares what he thinks?! He spouts his opinion as fact, but it's only reality in his own tiny world.

  2. all white people hate negro ff

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  4. Ever get the feeling that Fremantle-produced shows (along with its repetitive and so-called "moments") "try" to make it happen instead of letting them happen "naturally"?

    In other words they feel manufactured and processed instead of being real and produced well.