Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Updated GSN schedule for April 4-10; New GSN schedule for April 11-17

An updated week and a new week of GSN advanced schedules. On the week of April 11th, Season 3 of Idiotest arrives.

April 4-10 (updated-only update is some Feud episode changes on Saturday and Sunday)

Changes (for April 11-17):
*New episodes of Idiotest will premiere Tuesday at 10pm and 10:30pm; replacing Family Feud.
*Same night reruns of Idiotest will air Tuesday latenight at 1am and 1:30am; replacing The Newlywed Game.
*Idiotest will air Saturday at 12-2pm; replacing The Newlywed Game
*Family Feud (Harvey) will air Saturday 2-4pm; replacing The Chase and Chain Reaction. This means ten straight hours of Harvey Feud from 2pm-12am, but the 10pm-12am block is only temporary.
*There will be a Season 2 Skin Wars marathon Sunday from 10am-8pm, consisting of all ten episodes.
*Family Feud will air Sunday 11pm-1am; replacing Baggage, but again, this is only temporary.

All Times Eastern


  1. I know their ratings are high, but HF has to be one of the most rerun abused shows on the network. Looks like Newlywed Game is fading away.

    BTW, I caught an Idiotest promo a few days ago and one of the rivalry episodes will feature vampires and zombies. Since there is a nudity episode, it wouldn't surprise me if they had dogs vs cats on there as well.

    1. This is just an assumption, but I think ITV wanted some extra money in licensing fees or whatnot, that GSN refused to pay. That, in combination with the fact the series was attracting an older audience, may have been the reasons why GSN didn't want to continue producing it. Something else I noticed as well, is that it seems as though in the earlier episodes, particularly Seasons 1 and 2, Mark was a lot more generous in his top offer amounts. In later episodes, Seasons 3 and 4, you'd rarely (if at all) see him offer a 6-figure top prize, even if the contestant managed to rack up $40 or $50k in the cash builder, so that alone may have been foresight that GSN was trying to cheapen the series for eventual cancellation (which to be honest shouldn't have made a difference because most of the time, the team lost in the final chase anyway).

      I agree that Idiotest's 3rd season will probably be its last one. A reduced order of episodes, and GSN doesn't seem like it wants its shows to continue for far too long (maybe there's some kind of mandatory wage increase that applies for each consecutive season, so eventually it becomes too expensive after a while).

      And a 10-Hour marathon of Harvey Feud... jeez... temporary or not, this is why I rarely watch GSN anymore. When 80% of your schedule is filled with one show, ratings or not, it turns off the audience. Plus, and I hate to bring this up again for obvious reasons, but it still irritates me that they didn't do ANYTHING at all to celebrate the life of Jim Perry. No marathon, no bumpers, no mention of it, nothing -- as if his death had never happened, they just blatantly outright ignored it. I'm sorry, but when a classic host or actor in your genre of television passes away, you show SOME kind of tribute, even if it's just a 10-second on-air bumper that airs in-between commercials. They've done it before, other networks still do it (Syfy had a classic marathon when Leonard Nemoy passed away). That was a bad decision on GSN's part, just one of many they've made recently.

    2. I remember they did The Dating Game marathon for Jim Lange after he died, and I heard the ratings were awful. So that may be why, but I definitely agree that GSN should have had a marathon in his honor. I like Idiotest, but a reduced number of episodes is not a good sign. The demo is the only reason why it got another season. And airing at 10 pm is not a good sign, but it might work for them. It did for a while when it led out to Skin Wars last summer.

    3. GSN did acknowledge Jim Perry's death with a 10 second on air bumper.

      The awful ratings for that Dating Game marathon were the reason GSN stopped doing tributes.

    4. A 10 second bumper and a tweet too. But not enough! Should have been a marathon, even if it was just one weekday morning from 8am-12pm ET. A lack of respect from GSN for Jim Perry.

    5. Also, I do not believe ratings for a Jim Perry tribute marathon would have been as bad as The Dating Game. The current GSN morning viewer is definitely more adjusted to Card Sharks and (dare I say) Sale of the Century.

    6. If Steve Harvey died, GSN would have a 2 year marathon of Harvey Feud.

    7. The Lange tribute aired on a Wednesday from 8am-12pm. Not sure what ratings GSN wanted from it.

      But man the Harvey Feud rerun abuse...this is worse than Greed, Millionaire, or Dog Eat Dog could have ever been.

    8. Do not forget about Deal or No Deal in 2009-12!

      Anyway with the schedules, I do not believe GSN has expanded Harvey Feud slots. I believe they are still the same per week (at 90 half-hour slots) that Harvey Feud has been in recent months. GSN just shuffled around Harvey Feud slots to make way for the two separate Skin Wars marathons and new Idiotest episodes on Tuesday night.

  2. "Looks like Newlywed Game is fading away."

    The Newlywed Game has typically skewed older, which is why it was removed from Wednesday nights and replaced with Minute to Win It recently. Remember that? It's not surprising that something, like Idiotest, finally replaced some of Sherri's slots. But The Newlywed Game still has a number of slots on the schedule.

    "This is just an assumption, but I think ITV wanted some extra money in licensing fees or whatnot, that GSN refused to pay"

    ITV would not allow GSN to produce a "holding" fifth season of The Chase which would have consisted of about 6 to 8 episodes. And of course, The Chase skewed older than just about anything else in primetime.

    1. Off topic, but Rebecca Romjin, host of Skin Wars appeared on Conan a couple of days ago. That outta give the show publicity.

    2. romain is butt ugly compared to when she was married to john stamos.

      dont want to watch the ghetto body painting show nor 10 hours or 10 seconds of ghetto lives matter family feud.

    3. "Off topic, but Rebecca Romjin, host of Skin Wars appeared on Conan a couple of days ago. That outta give the show publicity."

      It is not really publicity unless Skin Wars was mentioned. Was it? Plus even if it were, we're still three weeks out from Season premiere which is more than enough time to make people forget. But Skin Wars is a show that RuPaul, Romijn and Levitt can pitch around on the talk shows April 18-20. It would be good exposure!