Thursday, March 24, 2016

'Skin Wars' Season 3, Episode 1 review

Luis Martinez, Season 3
Skin Wars contestant.
Joseph "Otto" Ott, Season 3
Skin Wars contestant.
Skin Wars Season 3 is less than a month away from premiere. GSN has sent GameShowNetworkNews and others the first episode of the upcoming season. Here is our review:

Unlike the Season 1 and 2 premiere, this season jumps right in to the competition. In Season 1, contestants stood around a patio area to introduce themselves and then rode on a tour bus (to discover ideas for their first challenge). All in all, about seven minutes too long. The second season also featured a lengthy, contestant introduction period.

However, Season 3 started the first challenge at exactly the 5-minute mark as contestants introduced themselves throughout the premiere episode. In other words, very little time wasted without artwork. That's improvement!
Brittney Pelloquin, Season 3
Skin Wars contestant
Alison Kenyon, Season 3
Skin Wars contestant

Kyera Dalesandro, Season 3
Skin Wars contestant.
Rick Uribe, Season 3
Skin Wars contestant
Another minor format change for Season 3: The contestants' individual Twitter accounts are all under their names when they do their commentary (seen in the photos at right). The same goes with the intros for Romijn and the three judges. This is similar to what the latest season of Idiotest has done (which we also previewed before April 12th premiere).

In this premiere episode, the judges and host Rebecca Romijn greet the twelve contestants surrounded by models dressed up to be dancers. For their first challenge, contestants must create a costume for their dancers. Contestants are given two hours. The winner of the first challenge is still awarded an advantage in the later challenge.

Later in the episode for their conceptual (main) challenge, contestants were given 12 different world celebrations. Each contestant is randomly assigned a different event. Contestants are given 5 hours. Here are the world-wide celebrations:

Mardi Gras: United States
Chinese New Year: China
Midsummer festival: Sweden
Jess Watson Miller, Season 3
Skin Wars contestant
St Patrick's Day: Ireland
Holi: India
Independence Day: United States
Yi Peng Lantern Festival: Thailand
Oktoberfest: Germany
Heritage Day: South Africa
Up Helly Aa: Scotland
White Nights Festival: Russia
Dia de Los Muertos: Mexico

Judge Robin Slonina pointed out that everyone was jealous of the contestant who got the last choice, Dia de Los Muertos.
Tiffany Beckler, Season 3
Skin Wars contestant

This is a very creative challenge that is not repetitive from other seasons. Good ideas!

Shelley Wapniak, Season 3
Skin Wars contestant
There was no Steampunk'd effect in Skin Wars. On Steampunk'd, there was constant contestant arguing throughout each episode and also featured in the "Coming Up" clip, which is what I believe pulled Steampunk'd ratings down. In fact, last year's Skin Wars had elevated contestant arguing compared to the first season, likely a test for ratings (which was not successful). As it turns out, there was virtually no contestant back and forth arguing in this episode of Skin Wars or in the "coming up" clip at the end of the episode. If there was anywhere in the filming, it was edited out for the final cut of the on-air episode. That is definitely very smart on GSN's part.

Best line of the episode:
RuPaul: "Your mother calls you Black Jesus?
Jermaze: "She does"
RuPaul: "Is she Black Mary?"

Guest judges on the third season of Skin Wars, an all female cast, include Jillian Rose Reed, Kandee Johnson, Adrienne Bailon, Christen Gerhart, Shawn Johnson, Samantha Harris.
Michael Mejia, Season 3
Skin Wars contestant

The median age of this season's Skin Wars contestant is 30, with the oldest at 44 (Alison) and youngest at 20 (Rick). This season's Skin Wars commercials featured Alison as some who "flew under the radar for so many years". Honestly, when I hear that, I thought I would be seeing a contestant over 50 years of age (No Alison, we do not think you look a day over 44 years old). I would still like to see one or two older contestants per season, because they are out there!

Hans Haveron, Season 3
Skin Wars contestant
Jermaze Wade, Season 3
Skin Wars contestant
Bold prediction: For the third season in a row, a female contestant will win Skin Wars.

Grade: A. It's not a game show, but Skin Wars does deliver what it is suppose to deliver: A body painting competition that exposes fantastic, unknown artists. Similar to Idiotest in an "improvement" way, the show has improved gradually since its first season without making drastic changes while staying true to its fan base. Also, unlike some competition shows, Skin Wars is all about the contestants and not about the celebrity judges or host.

Season 3 of Skin Wars premieres Wednesday, April 20th at 10pm ET/7pm PT on GSN.


  1. Just wondering, why are they moving Skin Wars to 10 pm? Also, I wonder how GSN will do their Wednesday schedule before Skin Wars at 10 pm. Will they put 2 back to back episodes of Skin Wars before the new one? Because that's what The Walking Dead does on AMC? They air the last 2 episodes before the new episode.

    BTW Scott, if you wanted to know, Casey Abell posted on his blog on the syndie ratings for March 7-13 that last Friday's 8 PM Chain Reaction had 502k viewers and 103k in the demo. That's pretty good for a rerun. Especially during coverage of March Madness, GSN still does well.

    1. Skin Wars is at 10pm because GSN ratings tend to be stronger that time of night, being out of the main primetime competition. I do not predict Skin Wars reruns leading into the new Skin Wars. Those never performed well last summer leading into the 9pm new run. Instead, the 8-10pm lineup I likely see staying the same with Minute to Win It then Family Feud.

      I saw those numbers at Gameshowfollies then clicked on the link to Programming Insider. Strong in total viewers on Friday night for Chain Reaction and a little less strong for The Chase. For both shows, old-skewing. Median age of about 65-70.

    2. No, no one wants to know what that fat fart Casey Abell is doing.

  2. They get rid of the chase which was nominated for several awards but keep these ghetto trash? fat hyphenated cow running gsn should be butchered and eaten because that is all she is good for.