Monday, March 7, 2016

Renewal odds 3/7/16: 'Skin Wars', 'Idiotest', 'Hellevator', 'Chain Reaction'

Last week's renewal odds

Note that these renewal odds are the last before tomorrow's 2016-17 GSN upfronts. These renewal odds are likely to change dramatically, especially for Hellevator and Chain Reaction after tomorrow.

Skin Wars: GSN is making it known that Season 3 will premiere in April through many, daily on-air advertisements. Anyway, Skin Wars was renewed a long time agoChance of renewal: 100% (flat)

Idiotest: Also likely for April, according to new on-air advertisements (just released today) Idiotest was renewed for a third season almost six months ago. Chance of renewal: 100% (flat)

Hellevator: In a very late development, GSN's casting website for Hellevator has been disabled. GSN still has a lot of interest through social media. Of course, with bad ratings, there are still big questions on what a second season would look like if GSN could hook advertisers in, and so forth. Hellevator averaged 287,000 total viewers and 131,000 18-49 viewers throughout its eight episode run. Those new runs of Hellevator contained a median age of about 40 years old.

I still give Hellevator a better shot at renewal over Chain Reaction, due to its ability to skew under 50 regularly and GSN's obvious continued interest since the December finale. If Hellevator is not renewed tomorrow (or big lack of mention), I would say it's very likely a goner. Chance of renewal: 75% (flat)

Chain Reaction: If I were a GSN executive, I would sure renew this Chain Reaction revival. But, I am not a higher up at GSN. Chain Reaction performed well in new runs and even better sometimes in reruns. That's something Skin Wars and Hellevator cannot do! Since its August premiere, the 38 primetime episodes of Chain Reaction averaged 442,000 total viewers and 98,000 18-49 viewers, with a median viewer age between 65 and 70 years old.

Same with Hellevator, if Chain Reaction has no mention or not renewed tomorrow, it's likely a goner. Chance of renewal: 45% (flat)


  1. I hope Chain Reaction returns, but get rid of the crude chains. It's unnecessary and inappropriate if you ask me.

  2. You know Adam, that's almost kind of a similar problem to Harvey's Feud now-a-days since the only material for their "so-called" survey questions/answers they rely heavily on is risque humor and juvenile euphemisms.

    But they again, that's a different story in particular.