Monday, March 21, 2016

Renewal odds 3/21/16: 'Skin Wars', 'Idiotest', 'Hellevator'

Skin Wars: Season 3 premieres on Wednesday, April 20th at 10pm ET. Chance of renewal: 100% (flat)

Idiotest: Season 3 premieres on Tuesday, April 12th at 10pm ET. Chance of renewal: 100% (flat)

Hellevator: An abbreviated Season 2 premieres this fall. Chance of renewal: 100% (flat)


  1. I honestly do expect all three of those shows to get renewed, although I rarely watched those shows these days. However, for Hellevator, I really need big changes to the show to get us motivated. Otherwise, I would stick with other horror shows related to Hellevator such as Saw, Paranormal Activity, etc. For Idiotest, I certainly wanted it to get renewed.

    Skin Wars, I am totally fine with it being renewed, and if I am in the creative side, I would be able to watch it.

    1. In the above renewal odds, all of these shows have already been renewed. I only start renewal odds for the season after the week the show premieres. For example, Idiotest Season 4 odds will start the week of April 11th (since Season 3 premieres on April 12th).

      Meanwhile, Skin Wars has already been renewed for a fourth season.