Sunday, March 13, 2016

Renewal odds 3/14/16: 'Skin Wars', 'Idiotest', 'Hellevator', 'Chain Reaction'

These renewal odds have changed significantly for Hellevator and Chain Reaction since Tuesday's upfronts.

Skin Wars: Season 3 premieres Wednesday, April 20th at 10pm ET. Chance of renewal: 100% (flat)

Idiotest: Season 3 premieres Tuesday, April 12th at 10pm ET. Chance of renewal: 100% (flat)

Hellevator: Jen and Sylvia are getting a second-go-around at Hellevator, but barely. Hellevator has been picked up for only 4-hour long episodes, which are expected to come "this fall" according to GSN's Tuesday upfronts. While four episodes is barely a reorder, it is still a reorder and more than The Chase and Chain Reaction received for 2016. Chance of renewal: 100% (up 25% from last week)

Chain Reaction: Cancelled.

I see no way of this getting life any day soon on GSN. Once again, consider Chain Reaction or Mike Catherwood had no mention in any of GSN's press releases or banners in New York last Tuesday. Maybe the syndication gods will give Chain Reaction a run someday, but if it were coming for 2016-17, they have to act fact. I would not bet on Chain Reaction coming to syndication quite yet, considering we have Celebrity Name Game and Millionaire returning (and those were not cancelled after all, like some may have thought).

The history of Chain Reaction in renewal odds: 45% (3/7/16), 45% (2/29/16), 45% (2/22/16), 50% (2/15/16), 50% (2/8/16), 45% (1/25/16), 45% (1/18/16), 45% (1/11/16), 35% (12/21/15), 40% (12/7/15), 35% (11/23/15), 35% (11/16/15), 35% (11/9/15), 35% (11/2/15), 40% (10/26/15), 40% (10/19/15), 40% (10/12/15), 45% (10/5/15), 50% (9/28/15), 60% (9/21/15), 55% (9/14/15), 60% (9/7/15), 70% (8/31/15), 70% (8/24/15), 65% (8/17/15), 60% (8/10/15), 65% (8/3/15), 50% (7/27/15), 55% (7/20/15), 55% (7/13/15)


  1. Since it seems like Chain Reaction is gone again, the 2015-2016 version will get rerun abused a lot like the Lane version. Now with The Chase most likely not coming back, this would be a good time for GSN to air this daily, but I guess they don't want the show to be tired out.

    Someone suggested on one of the posts that MG 98 and Louie Feud should be on the schedule. They were just as one timers. MG 98 was part of the Match Game Christmas marathon back in 2013 and Louie Feud was part of the Fully Stuffed Feud marathon on Thanksgiving of the same year.

    I don't think GSN wants them on the schedule because both are considered old to them. MG 98 only lasted one season and would have been the subject of rerun abuse a lot. Besides, fans of the classic Match Game hated that version for a lot of reasons. Louie Feud wouldn't work because apparently Anderson himself didn't want the network to air his run. And his last episode aired back in 2002. That was 14 years ago. Like Karn, he's an old dinosaur. And like MG 98, fans of the old Feud despised Anderson.

    The chances of Match Game 98 and Louie Anderson Family Feud are like the chances of a school like Austin Peay winning the NCAA Tournament, fat chance.

    1. I really quite surprised Adam, that you didn't mention Card Sharks 01 and/or Beat The Clock 02 being rerunned on GSN in the future, but then again like MG 98 and Louie's Feud people will bashed the hell out of those versions until their black and blue in the face.

      The only version out of the old Pearson/Fremantle Library that reran on GSN was To Tell The Truth 2000 with John O'Hurley and I really haven't seen one viewer have a fit about that version being aired yet.

  2. thanks dumb fat hyphenated cow that runs the network. again catering to blacks and dumb millienials

  3. I want to see Greed again, and I know I'm being a broken record by saying it, but I miss it, and I really want to DVR the entire run of it for my personal collection. And I also miss the episode of Lingo where Chuck talked about how he missed hosting Greed.