Monday, March 28, 2016

Renewa odds 3/28/16: 'Skin Wars', 'Idiotest', 'Hellevator'

Renewal odds remain very similar, since all that is currently on GSN's development slate has already been renewed for upcoming seasons, or is far from premiere (Winsanity, Window Warriors). Please vote on the sidebar polls about Skin Wars, Idiotest and Hellevator on which will have the most longevity on GSN, and also which you think will still be on GSN in new runs in 2017.

Skin Wars: Season 3 premieres in three weeks. Wednesday, April 20th at 10pm ET. Chance of renewal: 100% (flat)

Idiotest: Season 3 premieres in two weeks. Tuesday, April 12th at 10pm ET. Chance of renewal: 100% (flat)

Hellevator: 4-episode second season coming this Fall. Chance of renewal: 100% (flat)

1 comment:

  1. Our GSN doesn't air Hellevator, which frustrates me as they used to, but stopped midway into first season.