Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Regarding some GameShowNetworkNews comments

There were comments here earlier today, and many other times as regular GameShowNetworkNews readers are aware, the contained many profanities posted by an apparent Jim Perry and Sale of the Century avid fan. Someone in the comments section replied with the following: 

"9 profanities in one sentence. This is why I rarely look at this site. Absolutely no control by the webmaster."

GameShowNetworkNews response: 

I deleted this comment earlier because I had to (since it was connected to the Sale of the Century comments with inappropriate language). I apologize for deleting this one because this is a very valid point. 

I really, really do try to monitor comments here but do not always get around to view comments before some of our readers do. I monitor comments often and send most of the "Legacy of Jim Perry" ones to spam. These comments are not the type of comments we should have here at GameShowNetworkNews or anywhere in our game show universe.

Once again, I do not wish for these comments to be displayed at GameShowNetworkNews. I simply am not always near a computer or device where I can delete quickly and automatically.


  1. I applaud your decision to send the comments by "Legacy of Jim Perry" to spam. They are disgusting. In fact, her fetishes for Sale of the Century and Jim Perry are beyond disgusting. She is definitely not my friend, that's for sure.

  2. Really? Profanity and the insane rantings of a lunatic offend you more than the disgusting racism you find in the comments of almost every post? Nice priorities