Monday, March 7, 2016

More interesting GSN 2016-17 Upfronts developments through Twitter for 'Winsanity' and 'Hellevator'

I am well aware that this is the seventh post today, all involving tomorrow's upfronts in one way or another. Here are some more developments, mainly involving GSN personalities:

It appears very obvious that Winsanity host Donald Faison will be at tomorrow's upfronts. Faison tweeted an Instagram photo with the tag #GSNupfronts. The photo displays Faison standing in front of a poster of him at the upfronts. Episodes of Winsanity were taped in February. Winsanity is expected to premiere on GSN in the late second quarter or early third quarter of this year.

With more on Hellevator, here is word for word a rather interesting tweet from Jen and Sylvia Soska:

"Much love & congratulations to all the talent behind the shows for #gsnupfronts tomorrow!! Cannot wait to see what's next!!"

This is complete speculation on my part, but did the Soska sisters find out that Hellevator was cancelled or something? It seems like a goodbye tweet. Analyzing the tweet, it appears that they are talking about all the other "talent" and "shows" coming up "next" may not include Hellevator. To me, it sounds like a tweet of distance that the Soska sisters are not part of GSN any longer. We will find out tomorrow morning for sure the future of Hellevator.

GameShowNetworkNews has confirmed Skin Wars judge Robin Slonina will not be at tomorrow's upfronts. We have not heard anything else involving any Skin Wars personalities regarding tomorrow.

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