Thursday, March 3, 2016

Major update on 'Hellevator' Season 2 status from Jen and Sylvia Soska

This is very interesting just five days before the GSN upfronts, which are coming next Tuesday. Jen and Sylvia Soska re-posted just today on their official Tumblr page that they are fighting for a second season of Hellevator, saying a second season belongs on GSN this Fall:

"The FIGHT CLUB of game shows is HELLEVATOR, and it belongs to GSN which is up for a possible S2!!! Join me in letting GSN know that we want it back this Fall!!"

For the past numbers of months, even Jen and Sylvia Soska have been uncertain about Hellevator renewal. Through their official Twitter, the Soska sisters have continuously told fans that GSN renewals are suppose to happen in March (which they have still said up to this week).

There have also been here-and-there rumors that Hellevator will continue, but not with Jen or Sylvia Soska as a part of the show. The case of Hellevator renewed but without the Soska sisters is likely based on the fact that it does not appear Jen or Sylvia Soska are invited to GSN's upfronts. In the past years, many GSN on-air personalities have been invited to the upfronts including Ben Gleib, Mark Labbett, Brooke Burns, Deray Davis, Jerry Springer and more. In other words, why would GSN not bring the Soska sisters into the upfronts if they want the show renewed with them as co-hosts?

According to our latest renewal odds, the chance of Hellevator getting renewed for a second season by GSN is 75%, which has been rising steadily after its December 16th finale since GSN has kept interest in Hellevator through social media. Hellevator also has a greater advantage getting renewed over Chain Reaction due to its ability to skew very young for GSN normal standards.


  1. That was my Tumblr post creating awareness to GSN's Hellevator. I'm simply urging fans of Hellevator to voice that they are fans of the show. The Soska sisters still don't know whether GSN will renew and only REBLOGGED my post. The post was comletely written by me as a fan notand NOT written by them.

  2. dunno if this is real news or not.

    but regardless, they will always be at the upfronts... of my heart. fan for life.

  3. if ghetto blacks like it they will renew it. thats why chain reaction and the chase weren't renewed because not enough negros watch it.