Monday, March 7, 2016

Is there such a thing as a 2016-17 GSN upfronts preview?

Let's fact it, GSNers: Tomorrow's upfronts are mostly up in the air. Here is what I believe can be expected:

Current original programming

Skin Wars, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint and Idiotest premiere dates are expected for April. GSN has made it very well known lately that Skin Wars will premiere in April, unlike flip-flopping on a January decision previously. Constant commercials featuring contestants have been displayed at least once per half hour lately on GSN.

Precise premiere dates and times I would expect tomorrow for Skin Wars, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint and Idiotest. My prediction is all three would all be placed on the same night in new runs. But, you never know. It's GSN.

A Hellevator renewal is relatively likely, but so was The Chase up until six months ago. I expect some changes for Hellevator. Maybe a shorter episode order? Half-hour episodes? I'm clueless.

Chain Reaction is also very up in the air too. Mentions of The Chase or Steampunk'd are unlikely. The Chase might get a small, solo mention in a ratings accomplishment press release, but the time has come and gone for The Chase to be renewed for a fifth season.

An exact premiere date for Winsanity is fairly unlikely. Winsanity is not supposed to premiere for some time now (June at earliest, last time I heard).

Future original programming

The only up and coming original projects I know of are #Friendtrip, Divided and Window Warriors. I would say it is unlikely the first two would make it to air, while GSN has been trying to get Window Warriors on the air for over a year now. I would give Window Warriors the best chance of getting on the GSN airwaves to give another Skin Wars spin-off a try.


Classic or modern, GSN rarely announces acquisitions of new shows (such as Family Feud, 5th Grader, Minute to Win It) at an upfronts presentation. GSN has not acquired a modern non-Family Feud show since NBC's Minute to Win It in 2012. Modern shows have been re-acquired like Dog Eat Dog and Deal or No Deal since then. Classics and not-too-modern game shows, including Sale of the Century, Press Your Luck, Card Sharks and Shop 'Til You Drop have been acquired and re-acquired since then also.

If anything, the next modern acquisition for GSN would be last year's Celebrity Name Game. The series is likely cheaper to grab than Hollywood Game Night. But GSN wants to save up their spending bucks for more Harvey Feud.


  1. GSN likely has no problem acquiring 1980s material, as it may be much cheaper than acquiring recent seasons of Family Feud. But sadly, demand for pre-1995 material is dwindling, and it looks as if the end of an era may be on the horizon for oldies. In fact, most rerun networks seem to focus more on material from 1995 and beyond. I agree that we should enjoy the oldies while they last. It probably won't be long before Drew Carey regains me as a viewer.

    1. "In fact, most rerun networks seem to focus more on material from 1995 and beyond."

      A lot of cable networks, such as GSN, are focusing on 2010 and beyond. Much of the old stuff in daytime on GSN is there because, for one, it still performs well enough to lead in to pre-primetime and primetime and also, since GSN knows the very new stuff would not work in weekday daytime on their network.

      A lot of GSN's schedule is much older than other cable networks when it comes to how old the shows are. Something like 2006-07 Chain Reaction and Deal or No Deal (both approaching or at 10 years old) would be considered ancient for most other cable networks (with Buzzr, Me TV and Antenna TV being exceptions).

  2. ghetto shit network just wants to run as much black ff as possible