Thursday, March 17, 2016

'Idiotest' Season 3 premiere episode review

Host Ben Gleib is introduced in the
Season 3 premiere.
Update: For the entire third season of Idiotest, the Smart Money Round will be 40 seconds for both contestants combined. Same money ($10,000 grand total if both correct and $1,000 additional if one correct), but 10 more seconds. Special thanks to Ben Gleib for letting GameShowNetworkNews know.

The Season 3 set of Idiotest remains the same as
Season 2.
GSN sent me the Season 3 premiere episode of Idiotest. It is a celebrity episode, featuring Mike Catherwood and Dr. Drew Pinsky (Loveline) versus YouTube stars GloZell Green and Gaby Dunn. There are no major changes until the end game. Same set as Season 2. Same rules, same time limits and same cash amounts in the main game.

A change this season is that when Ben Gleib is introduced, his name is titled "@BenGleib", his Twitter handle.

The changes in the Smart Money round (the final round) come with the time limit. In this episode, the two contestants received a combined 40 seconds to win the same $10,000 if they both answered the puzzle correct and an extra $1,000 if one answered the puzzle correct. In the prior two seasons, the cash amounts were the same, but contestants were allowed a combined 30 seconds. We do not know yet if this is a rule just for this celebrity episode, or the entire third season.

Both teams are playing for charity. The losing team still wins $1,000 for their charity. 

Here are some quotes from this episode:

Dirty humor with Mike Catherwood: "My eyes are already drawn to a cock."

Ben Gleib: "We tried to dumb it down for you celebrities."

Ben Gleib: "Are you guys ready to do this?"
Dr. Drew: "No"

Overall, an A grade for Idiotest. Gleib is a great host and the puzzles still consist of a great play-along factor.

Season 3 of Idiotest premieres Tuesday, April 12th at 10pm ET.


  1. how are you tube idiots celebrities? thank god i passed on this show.

  2. "Gleib is a great host..."

    Seriously?? LOL. He's an unfunny dork with a lisp who has gained a whole lot of weight if he still looks like he does in those pictures you posted last week. He's smug and arrogant and has no cause to be that way.