Tuesday, March 29, 2016

GSN viewers: How old are you?

While GSN news remains very quiet, let us take a look at median viewer age polls for five GSN shows. 

Through Twitter and this site, GameShowNetworkNews recently asked "how old are you?", asking your age approximation if you watch one of five (or more) GSN shows: The Chase, Chain Reaction, Hellevator, Skin Wars and Idiotest. The main reason for doing this is to keep tabs on GSN skewing younger, as highlighted by David Goldhill at the GSN upfronts (who recently said GSN's median viewer age was down to 59), and also to see which show skews the youngest among voters.

Through Twitter: 25% under 18; 57% 18 to 39; 13% 40 to 55; 5% older than 55. Average age: 30.5
Through this site: First: 50 to 65; Second: 18 to 29; Third: 30 to 39

Skin Wars
Through Twitter: 35% under 18; 35% 18 to 39; 24% 40 to 55; 6% older than 55. Average age: 31.3
Through this site: First: 18 to 29; Second: Under 18; Third: 30 to 39.

Through Twitter: 18% under 18; 71% 18 to 39; 7% 40 to 55; 4% over 55. Average age: 30.1
Through this site: First: 18 to 29; Second: Under 18; Third: 30 to 39 and 50 to 65

Chain Reaction 
Through Twitter: 23% under 18; 53% 18 to 39; 17% 40 to 55; 7% older than 55. Average age: 32
Through this site: First: 18 to 29; Second: 50 to 65; Third: Under 18 and 30 to 39

The Chase
Through Twitter: 24% under 18; 42% 18 to 39; 30% 40 to 55; 4% Over 55. Average age: 33.2
Through this site: First: 30 to 39; Second: 18 to 29; Third: 50 to 65.

Obviously, the GSN network itself does not skew this young. Apparently, the median age of a GameShowNetworkNews reader and those who follow the @GreatGameShows Twitter account is about 31 years old. 

From the Twitter polls: Clearly, Hellevator comes in first place with the most '18 to 39' viewers. Meanwhile, Skin Wars has a strong 'under 18' and '18 to 39 presence'. Skin Wars had a much stronger '40 to 55' and 'over 55' presence than Hellevator. The Chase, out of all five, had the highest '40 to 55' vote. 

From GameShowNetworkNews polls: Skin Wars, Hellevator and Chain Reaction were all the youngest-skewing with their first place result at '18 to 29'. Skin Wars did not have a second or third place result above the '30 to 39' category. Skin Wars is likely the most young-skewing out of all according to our polls. Idiotest, surprisingly, had the most voters say '50 to 65', but in real life skews younger than The Chase and Chain Reaction.


  1. This is my opinion, but it's really dumb how GSN is ridding of shows like Chase or Chain Reaction because they skew old. If they're limiting themselves, then that's just stupid. The Chase was a good show and one of the shows like Bible Challenge back in the day that never faded out in ratings. We really don't know how it got canceled to begin with. I don't know if there was some sort of disagreement between GSN and ITV, or it just got too expensive. I still believe that a broadcast network will pick it up. I've got this feeling that this will be the last season for Idiotest.

    I know it hasn't premiered yet, but if the second half of the season showed that ratings were average to poor, then unless the demo keeps skewing out young people, this show is a goner.

    BTW, I watched Feud the other night and one of the answers to a question was "Pokin-Hontas". I'm not making that up, that was an actual answer on the board. Really? Is this what the show has come to now? Putting dirty answers just to stir a reaction? It was funny at first, but this shtick is old and tired. Even Anderson's version which is still the worst didn't stoop to this level to be funny.

  2. You know what, If this version continues to be a parody of its former self by having Sexual humor for cheap laughs from viewers, then why bother calling it "Family Feud" anyway?

  3. Might as well call it "Sexual Feud" or just call it "The Feud" seeing how the show is not really family friendly anymore. I wonder if Richard Dawson is rolling in his grave after seeing what his show has turned into.

    1. Valid point, but on the show, there are still two families that compete against each other :)

      Therefore, Family Feud.

    2. Although you have to agree that they should clean up the language on the board.

    3. Correct. Some is funny. Some is too far. But ratings are higher than ever, so I doubt changes are coming to Feud.

    4. I know, but stuff like "Pokin-Hontas" or "Va Jay Jay" I think are either ratings ploys or is trying to be a viral hit on YouTube.

    5. Exactly, which is how Family Feud has attracted a younger audience and more desirable demos the past 6 seasons under Harvey. While I may not agree with some of the sayings on the show, like you, from a business standpoint it's working for Feud.

  4. let alone Fremantle giving a hardcore Bitch slap to Mark Goodson in his face.

  5. i dont watch negro family feud. what is a bologna pony? thats why white hate blacks so much because they talk in some low life form.

  6. I have to ask here, does anybody get the feeling that their "So Called" jokes and moments from this version of Feud are way more cringeworthy and creepy than funny?

    1. Yes, sometimes funny but sometimes very creepy.

    2. Family Feud- This version is a slap in the face to Mark Goodson. That should be the slogan.

    3. this version of Feud to me now feels more of a "cash grab" than a "classic" or a passing of the torch.