Tuesday, March 1, 2016

GSN Ratings 2/26 for 'The $25,000 Pyramid' and 'Whammy!'

GSN Ratings from Friday, February 26th (All Times ET):
10:30am The $25,000 Pyramid: 291,000 total viewers/48,000 18-49 viewers (16.5% of all viewers under 50 years of age)
11:00am Whammy!: 191,000 total viewers/35,000 18-49 viewers (18.3% of all viewers under 50 years of age)
11:30am Whammy!: 209,000 total viewers/52,000 18-49 viewers (24.9% of all viewers under 50 years of age)

Summary: Classics skew old, but relatively newer Whammy! brings in an audience that's not near death. The double run of Whammy! at least rose in 18-49 and total viewers facing The Price is Right. Overall, moderate (not awful) total viewer ratings for all three slots. I always thought a double run of some show (Whammy!, Super Password, Lingo, Chain Reaction) would fare well at 11am ET as lead-out to classics and lead-in to Harvey Feud.


  1. Whammy is more than 10 years old and still gets ratings for GSN. Why don't they do shows like this any more?

    1. Simple: GSN doesn't care what we want to see return. And we could see a revival of this soon, either on GSN or in synidcation. Whammy does surprisingly well up against CBS' game show titan.

  2. GSN needs to bring back Late Night Liars, Love Triangle, Improv-A-Ganza, and Family Trade.

    1. NO...NO...NO...

      And what will I say about Family Trade,

      Oh of course, HELL F'ING NOOOOOOOOOO!


    2. Please don't bring back any of those shows. Even though I enjoyed Improv A Ganza since I am a Whose Line fan, it didn't fit for GSN and should have aired on another network. Family Trade was just a Pawn Stars rip off. Love Triangle was basically Springer and Maury combined to make a terrible game show. It wasn't even a game. More or less a dumb show where people spread their personal garbage in front of an audience. Late Night Liars i'm sure was an attempt to compete with other late night shows, but failed miserably. Who would believe that The Jim Henson Company would waste their money on this.

    3. All Late Night Liars, Improv, Love Triangle and Family Trade were not successes in their respective first-runs on GSN. In fact, all but Love Triangle were huge failures. Then two of them have been brought back for reruns (Improv, Love Triangle), but have both been off the schedule for a while now.

      In my opinion, chances of the following ever being brought back to the GSN schedule for reruns:
      Improv: 15%
      Love Triangle: 25%
      Late Night Liars: 1%
      Family Trade: 1%

    4. Also Adam, I heard that once that LNL (Late Night Liars) was one of the most expensive shows ever created by HA (Henson Alternative) for GSN at the time.