Tuesday, March 8, 2016

GSN press release: 'Hellevator' Season 2 cut down to four episodes; 'Window Warriors' and 'Political Idiotest' green-lit; 'Breaking App' and 'The Investigation' to pilot; more in development; 'The Chase' and 'Chain Reaction' likely dead

Returning: The biggest news of the day is Hellevator returning for a second season. The press release says it will return this Fall. However, the order for Hellevator has been cut to four episodes (down from 8 order for last year's first season).

Skin Wars Season 3 premieres Wednesday, April 20th at 10pm ET. Idiotest Season 3 premieres Tuesday, April 12th at 10pm ET.

Meanwhile, absolutely zero mentions of Chain Reaction (which was up in the air) or The Chase (had been cancelled).

Green-lit: Skin Wars: Fresh Paint will return soon. All 8 episodes have already filmed (no premiere date given). The eight-episode first season of Skin Wars: Fresh Paint will remain very similar to last summer's special, with RuPaul as host and producer; Mat Gleason and Emma Cammack as judges. Former Skin Wars contestants (such as winners, those who got to the finale or close) will assist and mentor. Artists that are new to the world of body-painting compete for $10,000.

Window Warriors has been green-lit and coming to the GSN airwaves later this year. It's like Skin Wars, but with window design. Window Warriors will be a shorter six hour-long episodes. Window Warriors was still in development as of January after nine months of GSN trying to get Window Warriors a pilot and on the airwaves.

Winsanity is also counted as "green-lit", although episodes have filmed.

Political Idiotest is coming this April and will be a one-time-only special, hosted by Ben Gleib.

Pilot Projects: Breaking App, which is about launching the next big mobile app (similar to App Wars, maybe?) and The Investigation, which is a crime-solving game (hour-long).

Divided is a one-hour game show where three strangers have to come to a decision on an answer. Run & Buzz is a family-friendly half-hour quick-minded game show where teams have to listen to clues and run to answer correctly. Glass Wars is one of GSN's less traditional shows that features the country's top glassblowers in presumably a Skin Wars-type competition.


  1. GOD DANG IT GSN. I'm getting the feeling that Amy Introcaso-Davis isn't the only problem with this network, but David Goldhill as well. Basically, to sum it up, GSN has no creative talent left whatsoever. All they care about now is producing cheap reality garbage to target the 18-49s, so even if a show only gets 100k viewers, as long as 50% of them are 18-49, then they call it a success, compared with a show that pulls in 6x as many viewers, but the percentage of 18-49s are lower (even if the actual number of 18-49s is higher).

    Hellevator should've been canned. You can clearly see that by GSN cutting the order down to 4 episodes, they're not confident that an 8-episode season is worth the time and money. Skin Wars Fresh Paint, just like Skin Wars, will have 0 rerun value, just like Window Warriors, Breaking App and Glass Wars.

    Political Idiotest is a one-time only special. I don't even know why it's worth a mention. It should just be considered as part of the regular Idiotest season, if you ask me.

    The good news out of this press release is that we're still getting SOME actual game shows: Idiotest and Winsanity. And potentially Divided and Run & Buzz, if they make it to air. The bad news is that it's basically more of the same, with GSN producing cheap game shows, and investing 80% of their budget into producing one-off reality garbage which have no rerun value at all.

    The fact that most of the reality garbage shows only have 10 episodes or less for a season (Skin Wars, Hellevator, Fresh Paint, Window Warriors, Glass Wars presumably as well), proves that we're talking about one-off stuff. Personally, if I were running a network, I'd be thinking about the long-term. Shows with 20 or 40-episode runs like Idiotest have great rerun value and last a long time, saving the network money from having to constantly develop new shows. But apparently GSN would rather put all their eggs into the reality basket and continue to waste money on one-offs that will only last a few weeks before never being seen ever again. Typical.

    1. I can tell GSN has no faith in Hellevator if they cut it down to 4 episodes. No Chain Reaction news? That's certainly bad news for fans of the show. I think The Chase will get shipped to another network sometime soon. I'm thinking ABC or CBS for the show to air. I read something that FOX ordered a pilot for the show in which I think the host of the UK version hosted it, but they passed on it.

      Is GSN trying to go cheap? Because all of their game shows have a really small cash prize while they spend it all on acquiring new episodes of Harvey Feud or on reality shows that will probably be one offs and never see the light of day again. Winsanity in all honesty looks decent, but sort of looks like The Price is Right.

      And for Idiotest, I like the idea of a political special, but it could be aired during the third season. Unless it's something GSN is trying out like with Skin Wars Fresh Paint. I guess they're hoping if the political event works, they might do a Idiotest spinoff or something. Also, Window Warriors sounds stupid. What's next, Garbage Collectors? Or even my personal favorite, Fix My Car.

    2. Wallace ChandlerMarch 8, 2016 at 9:06 PM

      Next year the feature show is Celebrity Noodles. 2 A-List celebs race to be the first to boil a pot of noodles, w/ a home viewer getting the top prize of a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat. First celebs up are Carrot Top and Gilbert Gottfried for the pilot.

    3. Or how about Sitting On A Toilet.

    4. Adam, that's perfect. Call it 'The Deuce' and the first to drop a turd wins. Y'know, GSN already won because they dropped a lot of turds yesterday.

    5. thats what happens when you have a fat white woman with a hyphenated last name running the network. running it into the ground like a fat woman runs a skinny kid into the ground at a buffet

  2. Idiotest being renewed is dumb.
    Hellevator for only 4 episodes leads me to believe it will air 4 Wednesdays during October ONLY with a marathon on Halloween (should have been that last season).

    1. Wallace ChandlerMarch 8, 2016 at 8:20 PM

      Idiotest renewal is meh. It's better than Ass Blowers and Get Buzzed & Run. If you remember the game show Click, I think I found the new GSN name, except it now stands for the sounds of my TV set. Click!! and goodnight GSN.

  3. This is why I don't watch GSN anymore, save for the classics when I have a chance. Glass Blowers?? Get real.

  4. "Is GSN trying to go cheap?"

    Yes, because cheaper traditional shows like Idiotest have worked really well. The general audience does not care about the top prize so much apparently.

    I'm personally disappointed in no renewal for Chain Reaction, although it was definitely coming. No Chain Reaction renewal just means another revival not renewed for a second season by GSN since The Newlywed Game in 2009. List of revivals that have not gotten by since 2009 are:

    1 vs. 100
    The Pyramid
    Minute to Win It
    Baggage On The Road
    Chain Reaction

  5. "Political Idiotest is a one-time only special. I don't even know why it's worth a mention. It should just be considered as part of the regular Idiotest season, if you ask me."

    I think Political Idiotest is a great idea considering America's obsession with this election cycle. Debate ratings and other coverage have been very strong this election cycle.

    The reason why Political Idiotest was not a part of the 40 episodes is because when Season 3 of Idiotest was taped in November, GSN did not know yet they wanted to do a political spin-off. Political Idiotest is also a completely different format.

    I think Political Idiotest, although only one episode, will do very well.

  6. GLASS BLOWERS??? LOL. Crap, crap and more crap. No wonder I only tune in to GSN when I am around in the mornings from 8-11am. The rest of the day is total crap.

    1. I take it you consider "crap" after 11am even some of the old-ish stuff like Whammy!, Deal or No Deal, O'Hurley Feud, Catch 21 and Chain Reaction. It's okay if you consider those shows crap, because everyone is allowed their own opinion. But I personally think GSN daytime, especially 8am-12pm and 2-4pm ET is very solid for traditional game show fans.

    2. Yes, anything with Toad Newton I consider crap. Howie Mandel is an unfunny turd, and O'Hurley gets old reallllly fast. The other stuff is okay, but let's face it, they've been rerun to death and then rerun to death again.