Wednesday, March 16, 2016

GSN news bits: 'Idiotest' press release; O'Hurley 'Feud' ratings

Celebrity episode of Idiotest, which will air April 12th,
featuring Mike Catherwood, Dr. Drew Pinsky (Loveline),
GloZell Green and Gaby Dunn (YouTube).
Two GSN bits of news today. First, although we are already aware that the third season of Idiotest will premiere Tuesday, April 12th at 10pm ET, GSN issued a press release on the matter. Today's press release noted the April 12th premiere episode will be a celebrity episode. Mike Catherwood and Dr. Drew Pinsky (both of Loveline) will face off against GloZell Green and Gaby Dunn (YouTube stars). 

More themes for Season 3 of Idiotest include an all nude episode, a 1970's-themed episode, a Chelsea Lately reunion and an episode featuring the cast of NBC's Undateable

The third season of Idiotest consists of forty 30 minute episodes.

Douglas Pucci (at ProgrammingInsider) has provided ratings for the 1pm ET hour of John O'Hurley's Family Feud. These numbers are from Thursday, March 11th:

1:00pm Family Feud (O'Hurley): 240,000 total viewers/39,000 18-49 viewers
1:30pm Family Feud (O'Hurley): 283,000 total viewers/54,000 18-49 viewers

In addition to this hour of John O'Hurley-hosted Family Feud producing below average total viewer numbers (but not horrible total viewer numbers), it also skewed old. Both episodes had a median viewer age of about 70. This final (and often viewed as worst) season of John O'Hurley-hosted Family Feud continues to stay on the schedule with GSN holding onto the rights to this season likely for at least another year (O'Hurley's final season of Feud, which currently airs weekdays at 1pm and 1:30pm ET, started airing on GSN in April 2013).

Correction in post: Season 3 of Idiotest will consist of 40 episodes that are each 30 minutes long. 


  1. O'Hurley has been on a lot longer than 2013 sir.

    1. To be fair, he could just be referring to the bullseye season of O'Hurley...

    2. I will make that correction in the post to be more specific. O'Hurley's final season came in April 2013 to GSN. His first two seasons came to GSN in 2008 and the 2008-09 season came to GSN in 2010. Karn Feud (all 4 seasons) came in 2007.

  2. On this post , you said idiotest will consist of 40 hour long episodes , on a older post after the gsn upfront , u said idiotest will consist of 40 episodes. I do not know how they would be able to double a episode , and I do know episodes are back to back. So did u mean to say 20 hour long episodes or 40 half our long episodes , you are incorrect ? Or am I?

    1. Big mistake in the post. I will fix that. Season 3 of Idiotest consists of 40 half-hour episodes.

  3. My God, look at all the tattoos on Mike Catherwood's arms... geez... it's no wonder why he was wearing a long sleeve suit on Chain Reaction, to hide them all up. Same thing like Todd Newton, or Guy Fieri on the earlier episodes of Minute to Win It.

    What's with this tattoo obsession people have these days? Same thing with profanity. The two keep going hand-in-hand in this 2010-era... sigh...

  4. You call that a celebrity episode? Geez.
    Idiotest is a half hour show. Not sure why for the longest time TV digital cable guides list the show for an hour when it is actually 2 half hour episodes....

    O'Hurley Feud bullseye season was a precursor of things to come. Quite a few dirty answers popped up in that season. Bullseye was a lackluster format. Not sure why GSN keeps airing that season of his. Kinda reminds me of Buzzr and Ray Combs. All Ray Combs episodes that appeared on this network so far have been Bullseye era episodes.

  5. So let me get this straight here, Mike Catherwood will become a contestant on the 3rd season of Idiotest yet the Dummies at GSN can't renew Catherwood's Chain Reaction for season 2.

    Karma is a B#tch ain't It Folks?