Tuesday, March 8, 2016

GSN 2016-17 upfronts: 'Window Warriors' green-lit; 'Idiotest' Season 3 will premiere April 12th; Ben Gleib to host 'Political Idiotest'; 'HELLEVATOR' RENEWED FOR SEASON 2; no mentions or photos at upfronts of 'The Chase' or 'Chain Reaction'; 'Skin Wars' Season 3 premieres April 20th (UPDATE: GSN PRESS RELEASE)

The third season of Skin Wars will premiere Wednesday, April 20th at 10pm ET. Links to Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2 and Screenshot 3 of press release. Below is information about all twelve Season 3 Skin Wars contestants:

      • Alison Kenyon (44, Grass Valley, CA)– Alison joined one of the nation’s first modern burlesque troupes at the age of 21, and later moved on to circus school where she practiced contortion, hand balancing, and fire swallowing.  Her resume also includes professional wrestling and Argentine tango. Now, the mother of a four-year-old son, Alison is a children's birthday party expert- Penney the Clown- and specializes in branded body painting for corporate clients.
      • Brittney Pelloquin (28, Broussard, LA) Body painting for four years, Brittney primarily works as a visual artist, painting portraits and murals, but says being able to evolve her talent by using the human body as a canvas is both exciting and fulfilling. She has already competed at the World Body Festival the past two years. In her spare time, Brittney teaches art to children with special needs. 
      • Hans Haveron (36, Los Angeles) – A former fashion model, Hans comes from a family of professional artists. He began his career in the fine arts arena at age 15 when he left home to sell his art on the streets and is now an internationally known visual artist and muralist who has worked on films, music videos, commercials and Los Angeles Fashion Week events. 
      • Jermaze Wade (36, Decatur, GA) – When he’s not managing his own airbrush shop in Atlanta, Jermaze uses his art to inspire the community and its youth. He describes his artistic style as a blend of urban-realistic and urban-contemporary. 
      • Jess Watson Miller (24, Sydney, Australia) – An internationally recognized body painter, Jess was named Australian champion in professional body painting three times and in 2014 ranked 4th at the World Body Painting Festival. She is both a circus performer and director of the black-light body art circus “LUMINOUS” in Australia. 
      • Joseph “Otto” Ott (38, Winneconne, WI) – An industrial painter by day and body painter by night, Otto grew up on a dairy farm. With a long career of custom painting cars, trucks, bikes, boats and mailboxes, he added human bodies to his list of canvases almost 6 years ago. 
      • Kyera Dalesandro (25, Virginia Beach, VA) – She started her own artistry business at age 17, specializing in beauty, bridal, and high fashion makeup, as well as face and body painting. After earning a BFA in Graphic Design from Virginia Commonwealth University, Kyera worked as an art instructor and manager of an international company. Now following her dream to be a professional artist in Los Angeles, Kyera is ambitiously pushing herself to higher levels of creativity with every project.
      • Luis Martinez (21, Atlanta) – A third-generation clown performer, Luis came from Mexico to the US at age 5 and began developing his artistry at age 13 when he started his own clowning business, often painting faces.  Completely self-taught and body painting for over six years, Luis often practices his craft by videotaping himself painting celebrities on his own torso and uploading the videos to YouTube.  He says his style is inspired by realism and a limitless imagination.
      • Michael Mejia (25, Queens, NY) – An American-Colombian artist with a diverse international background in art, a versatile, mixed-media skill-set and a unique conceptual vision, Michael is best known for his hyper-realistic animal body paintings. He has been body painting for six years and has been commissioned by celebrities such as Jason Derulo, Claudia Schiffer and Timbaland.  
      • Rick Uribe (20, El Paso, TX) – A tattoo artist, body painter and muralist by trade, Rick grew up in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. As a teen, he wanted to use his artwork to better the community and has now painted over 20 colorful murals across the city.  
      • Shelley Wapniak (33, Brooklyn, NY) – Trained in a multitude of artistic mediums including fine art and landscape architecture. Shelley is the owner of a successful children’s entertainment business.  She has been body painting for three years, but rarely shows her work to her Orthodox Jewish family.  Standing 4 feet, 9 inches tall, Shelley describes herself as “strong and spunky.”  She also lives with no sense of smell due to rare condition called Anosmia.
      • Tiffany Beckler (27, Rock Hill, SC) – A former tattoo artist, Tiffany began her body art career at age 16, painting faces at a theme park and did her first body painting at age 17. For years, Tiffany has put her passion above everything else and continues to live, breathe and bleed art.  She describes her personality as “passionate, silly and sassy” when it comes to things she cares most about.

    The third season of Idiotest premieres Tuesday, April 12th. This season of Idiotest contains 40 half-hour episodes. Themes for this season include an all nude episode, a 1970's episode, a kids episode and 5 celebrity episodes. 

    Additionally, according to Ben Gleib, he is producing a spinoff for GSN called "Political Idiotest", which has a brand new format. "Political Idiotest" will feature two political pundits facing off in tests that lead to political conversations. Episodes will air on the same day they are filmed so the news is relevant.

    Hellevator has been renewed for a second season. Jen and Sylvia Soska appear very likely to be returning to the show in one capacity or another, being present at the upfronts.

    Window Warriors has been green-lit by GSN. Window Warriors is similar to Skin Wars only in the field of window design. Window Warriors is a season-long competition show, like Skin Wars, with a grand prize winner at the end of the season. Window Warriors is expected to make it to air later this year. Window Warriors was featured in last year's GSN upfronts and also was still in development as of January.

    From all the photos GameShowNetworkNews has seen through social media, it does not appear there are any mentions (or photos of Burns/Labbett/Catherwood) for The Chase or Chain Reaction. Of course, The Chase has already been cancelled.

    Jen and Sylvia Soska at the 2016 GSN upfronts

    Posters and banners of Hellevator,
    Skin Wars, Idiotest
     and Winsanity were
    flown around the New York City
    upfronts site.
    A photo reel of Jen and Sylvia Soska
    posing with Ben Gleib

    Skin Wars producer Michael Levitt with Winsanity
    host Donald Faison.

    Donald Faison of Winsanity at the GSN upfronts

    Skin Wars Rebecca Romijn (host) and RuPaul
    (judge) all sit around GSN EVP of 

    Programming and Development 
    Amy Introcaso-Davis

    Idiotest host Ben Gleib with Winsanity host Donald Faison

    The Soska sisters, Rebecca Romijn, RuPaul and
    Donald Faison are all featured in this year's posters


    1. Vator will only work, if they get a new host- like Todd Newton in a Security Guard get up and reduce the twisted twins to villians, a la the Banker on Deal or NO Deal.

      Then, this show might fly. Also, They could have done another eight shows- running it for two hours for each of the four weeks.

      1. I think GSN only wants to spend the money on four Hellevator shows. Hellevator was and likely still is one of GSN's most expense originals ever.

    2. Yikes, other than perhaps Rupaul, what a dork parade! Ben Dweeb is getting REALLY fat.