Friday, March 11, 2016

Following up on the 2016-17 upfronts

GSN's upfronts were this past Tuesday. Here were some of the comments outside of this site about Tuesday's news:

At GameShowFollies: "[GameShowNetworkNews] still insists the Chase has been cancelled. Maybe it has, but until there's an official word, that's a little premature."

GSN never outright cancels their shows. Never a press release, nor statement and not even a message on social media about the cancellation of one of their originals has ever happened. I could name a million examples: Lingo (in 2007), Lingo (in 2011), Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza (Drew Carey announced himself-never anything from GSN), Love Triangle, 1 vs. 100 (Carrie Ann Inaba announced herself-never anything from GSN), Mind of a Man, American Bible Challenge, It Takes a Church, The Newlywed Game, Baggage, Baggage On The Road, Lie Detectors, Minute to Win It, and so forth.

What more evidence can there be besides the following for The Chase and Chain Reaction:
1) Absolutely zero presence on social media for Chain Reaction since February 1st or The Chase since January 21st
2) Absolutely zero banners of The Chase, Chain Reaction, Brooke Burns, Mike Catherwood or Mark Labbett at the GSN upfronts New York City location.
3) Absolutely zero mentions of The Chase and Chain Reaction in any GSN press release at the upfronts
4) No intention of thanking The Chase and Chain Reaction to contributing to their 2015 ratings success in a January press release from GSN.
5) GSN's programming outlook for 2016 not including The Chase.

In fact, here at GameShowNetworkNews we have been first around the internet to confirm the news about cancellations, including The ChaseMind of a Man, American Bible ChallengeIt Takes a ChurchBaggage On The RoadSteampunk'd and Lie Detectors.

It is definite, but unfortunate, that GSN is done with The Chase and Chain Reaction. In many years down the road, there is the possibility of resurrecting the shows (like GSN did with Lingo and Baggage). For now, they are gone and it is not premature by any means to say they are gone.

At Game Show Forum: "no word on US Chase, so I suspect it's officially canceled"

Thank you. "No word" means cancellation from GSN, or really any network.

At Game Show Forum: "I'm sure most of the folks here have had to put up with my mentions of art glass on my Facebook timeline, so this one will definitely grab my attention. I'll be giving it a chance should it be green-lighted......but it may not take much for me to tune out."

This is a first. Someone actually sort-of likes the idea of Glass Wars. Good, give it a chance. But I do not think interest in glass art is as eye-grabbing as interest in body art. I also expect lack-of interest when it comes to Glass Wars casting, which means major problems getting Glass Wars to air.

At Game Show Forum: "Heaven forbid all these planned game shows cut down the number of Harvey Feud airings!!!"

If GSN takes two airings of Harvey Feud away, I am almost positive GSN will insert two more back someone on the schedule somewhere. When new episodes of Idiotest come along next month in a slot currently occupied by Steve Harvey Family Feud, it is very likely GSN will simply move those two Harvey Feud slots that currently occupy the Tuesday 10pm ET hour elsewhere. The same will likely happen with future new GSN originals.

At GameShowFollies: "At Game Show Network News Scott Rahner didn't bother explaining his pre-upfront post that the Soska twins were "very unlikely" to attend the GSN festivities. (They did show up, of course, and got a second season of Hellevator.)"

I was clearly wrong on this one and I will admit that. This stunned me and the feedback I heard regarding the Soska sisters prior to the upfront was incorrect. I knew for a fact Mark Labbett, Brooke Burns and Mike Catherwood did not receive an invite to this year's upfront. I heard nothing from the Skin Wars crew until I was informed Robin Slonina would not make it in the final days before the upfront (RuPaul, Romijn ended up at the upfronts). 

I firmly believe that Jen and Sylvia Soska received a last minute invite to the upfronts as GSN execs toss-and-turned, week by week about what to do with the future of Hellevator. From a series of their own tweets displayed below leading up to the week before Tuesday's upfronts, you could clearly tell they (and other Hellevator fans) had no clue what was going on with Hellevator nor did not know when the upfronts were until we reported it.

Tweet example 1: Twisted Twins did not know when the upfronts were; likely did not receive an invite at that point!
Tweet example 2: Twisted Twins did not know if Hellevator would be renewed yet (or were likely hiding it).
Tweet example 3: Twisted Twins "believed" GSN renewals were in March. That does not sound promising that they were invited to the March 8th upfronts or knew the upfronts were on the 8th!
Tweet example 4: Still said March; they do not know much about renewals.
Tweet example 5: Twisted Twins still in the dark.
Tweet example 6: "....renewals come in March sometime". Does that sound like a person who knows what is going on with the upfronts and when they are?
Tweet example 7: Twisted Twins still in the dark.
Tweet example 8: "Should know soon". But when? That was Saturday, March 5th.
Tweet example 9: This was the Tweet that really got me. It sounded like the Soska sisters were wishing GSN the best as if Hellevator was fading into the sunset. My speculation was wrong.

Anyway, I am glad Hellevator received a 4-episode second season by GSN and I am very happy Jen and Sylvia Soska are back as hosts. Jen and Sylvia Soska are a great fit for Hellevator and were absolutely not the problem with Hellevator's low ratings. The time of year six of the eight episodes last Fall aired (in November and December, you know, after Halloween) was the problem.

As for that GameShowFollies post again, I was clearly misinformed. However, evidence beyond tweets pointed to that the Soskas likely received a last minute invite to Tuesday's upfronts.


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