Friday, March 25, 2016

Brooke Burns nominated for "Outstanding Game Show Host"

Yesterday, nominations were announced for the 2016 Daytime Emmy's. On top of all the soap operas, talk shows and court shows, game shows filled two categories.

While The Chase is a goner, Brooke Burns grabbed a nomination for "Outstanding Game Show Host". Will she win? I hope so to kick GSN in the butt for cancelling the show, but that's doubtful.

Burns will compete with Craig Ferguson, Steve Harvey, Wayne Brady and Billy Gardell. Both Gardell (for the host category) and Monopoly Millionaires' Club itself (for the actual show category) clinched nominations, despite cancellation of the series after two seasons earlier this year.

My prediction is either Wayne Brady or Steve Harvey will win the host category. I see Let's Make a Deal or The Price is Right winning the show category.

Make sure to vote on both sidebar polls to cast your opinion on "Outstanding Game Show Host" and "Outstanding Game Show". Of course, GameShowNetworkNews results will not affect the Emmy's.


  1. They get rid of the chase which was nominated for several awards but keep these ghetto trash? fat hyphenated cow running gsn should be butchered and eaten because that is all she is good for.

  2. Dana Calderwood the Director of Idiotest was also nominated.

  3. I think Wayne Brady will win Best Game Show Host but I think Monopoly Millionaires Club will impress voters with its amazing set and graphics and win Best Game Show.

  4. Ben Gleib deserves an Emmy nod more than Burns

    1. LOL. No. Way. Glad you're not on the nominating committee. He's anything BUT outstanding.