Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ratings 2/7: 'Family Feud' collapses versus Super Bowl

Steve Harvey Family Feud took a bit hit versus the Super Bowl this past Sunday from the ratings we received:

GSN pre-primetime ratings for Sunday, February 7th (All Times ET):
6:00pm Family Feud: 235,000 total viewers/65,000 18-49 viewers (28% of audience under 50 y/o)
6:30pm Family Feud: 183,000 total viewers/41,000 18-49 viewers (22% of audience under 50 y/o)
7:00pm Family Feud: 160,000 total viewers/35,000 18-49 viewers (22% of audience under 50 y/o)
7:30pm Family Feud: 191,000 total viewers/44,000 18-49 viewers (23% of audience under 50 y/o)

Ouch. Those are the lowest Harvey Feud numbers I have seen for GSN ever. Only late late night reruns of Harvey Feud in the past have matched those numbers but were very rarely worse (when there was a time that Harvey Feud aired from 1-3am ET each weeknight). I can also guess that Buzzr's special programming versus Super Bowl took a slight chunk out of GSN's numbers for those who wanted to watch non-Super Bowl game show entertainment on Sunday.


  1. No surprise it dropped seeing how over 111 million people watched CBS that night. I said it would be affected, but I didn't think it would be that BIG of a drop.

  2. I chose Buzzr for their long forgotten football related Feuds, then jumped over to the game.

  3. At least Buzzr's clever marathon on Super Bowl Sunday is much better and creative than GSN's Valentine's Day "marathon" of Harvey Feud. I put quotations on marathon because they have a marathon of that show every Sunday night. Could care less because I'll be watching NBA's annual All Star Game and others will be watching the return of Walking Dead or other stuff.

  4. Buzzr's lineup on Sunday was far superior to that of GSN's.
    The best episode of the Buzzr marathon was the very last episode-- a Dawson syndicated episode from 1984. It featured the Whiz Kids breakdancing and then Gene Wood comes on stages and dances too. That was hilarious.

  5. Buzzr is going to have another good marathon this Sunday (Valentines Day).
    He said She said followed by "New to Buzzr" Dawson Feud and the original Password and Password Plus.

    Too bad Buzzr dropped the ball on Halloween, Thanksgiving, X-Mas, and New Years.