Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Poll results: 'Sale of the Century' 70%; 'The $100,000 Pyramid' 30%

From our Twitter poll which is now closed, Sale of the Century topped The $100,000 Pyramid by a 7 to 3 margin. Of the 60 voters, 70% decided Sale of the Century should be back on GSN over the 30% for The $100,000 Pyramid. This is all, of course, hypothetical, and who knows if Sale of the Century will ever see the light-of-day on GSN again.

The $100,000 Pyramid and Sale of the Century were narrowed down from eight shows as the final two of GSN's most missed classics by GameShowNetworkNews voters, which included Family Feud (Dawson), Family Feud (Combs), Blockbusters, Super Password, Shop 'Til You Drop and Password Plus.


  1. GSN Network Will Resign The Lease On $ale Of The Century Or Millions Of Viewers Will Be Angry

    1. Only you Lexie will be angry,

  2. $ale Of The Century Starring Jim Perry Has Won The Poll It Would Defeat Family Feud Steve Harvey Any Day Any Hour