Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New schedule for February 29-March 6: 'Minute to Win It' replaces 'The Newlywed Game' in Wednesday primetime

Here is an updated schedule for next week:

*Starting next Wednesday (3/2) and forward, GSN will air Apolo Ohno-hosted Minute to Win It Wednesday at 8pm ET; replacing The Newlywed Game


  1. Game TV has previously been airing old GSN series such as Apolo's Minute, Inaba's 1 VS 100, Sherri's Newlywed Game and Lie Detectors, if you can believe it. So it's not that big of a deal to me that GSN is re-airing this one again.

    For what it's worth though, aren't the Olympics coming up soon? I thought NBC started Minute a few years back during the Olympics (or maybe right after they ended)? Maybe GSN is hoping to capitalize on this, just as NBC did previously.

    I would've rather preferred seeing an airing of Feud get cut back in favor of this, but knowing Davis, that won't ever happen. It seems like this change is just a way to recycle old material, because Q1 is a bust, and GSN needed to do something to their schedule to make it seem like new stuff was airing. Probably cheaper to re-air their own versions of original programming, than to acquire some from other networks.

    By the way, did you see that Sale of the Century pitch tape? Pretty funny when you see the advertisements, "Twice as many people watch Sale than watch Family Feud. More people watch Sale than watch MASH. More people watch Sale than watch 60 Minutes. More people watch Sale than Dallas."

    Funny how the times have changed since that pitch tape aired way back when. Nowadays, the networks will gladly boast than any comedy or drama will beat out a game show in the 18-49 demos, unlike 40-some years ago.

  2. I think GSN is doing this to kill time until Skin Wars premieres. To be honest, I expected a new show to premiere, but since GSN loves Steve Feud, that won't happen for a long while.

    Just wondering, when Idiotest eventually returns for its third season, I wonder if they'll keep it after Skin Wars or since the second half of last season didn't do well in the ratings, they'll give it the Friday 8 pm slot.

    I still think Idiotest was renewed because of the 18-49s, but since GSN gave it a quiet renewal and never explained why, we'll never know.

    If Chain Reaction returns for a second year, they probably keep it on Fridays. It worked there and got high numbers. For Winsanity, I predict that it will premiere in June and will be the lead out to Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, which I think will premiere the week after the Skin Wars season 3 finale.

  3. They should think about reacquiring Regis WWTBAM and air it in a primetime slot. I'm sure it will get some good ratings.

  4. Thank goodness it's Ohno's version, and not the fat douche bigot Guy "Fieri."