Sunday, February 7, 2016

NATPE has interview with GSN's Amy Introcaso-Davis

Courtesy: NATPE
The National Association of Television Programming Executives (NATPE) conducted a brief interview this past week with GSN's Amy Introcaso-Davis, who has held the title of 'Executive Vice President of Programming and Development' at GSN since late 2011. Here are some of the highlights from the interview that mentioned The Chase, Idiotest, Skin Wars, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, Hellevator, Winsanity, Donald Faison, "The Beast", RuPaul, the Soska sisters and also the infamous "shiny floor games":

Introcaso-Davis mentions she grew up watching Hollywood Squares and Password (which we would love to see revived correctly by GSN).

Introcaso-Davis says the network believed in Skin Wars and Hellevator because no one else had done shows like them before.

As for the network's development slate: "Like any network we are looking for areas or constituencies that have been underserved. We love shows that are first to market in the area because audiences enjoy something they haven’t seen before." So I guess revivals of Hollywood Squares or Super Password would not be in the works at GSN.

When asked about how many formats (new shows) GSN plans to develop, Introcaso-Davis says the network can only green-light as many shows as they can believe in. In other words, GSN's development slate is not too hot right now.

The last GSN bit part of the interview includes that Introcaso-Davis states she is looking very forward to Winsanity with Donald Faison and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint with host RuPaul.


  1. A little bit from the article:

    "iP: How many new formats do you expect to put into development for next season?

    AID: We never name a number… it depends what we find and we thankfully have the ability to greenlight to development as many shows as we believe in."

    Yeah, I took that to mean that they don't have too much on the development slate right now. When asked about what viewers should be setting their DVRs for in the near future, she only replied with "Winsanity" and "Skin Wars: Fresh Paint." I am wondering at this point if shows like The Chase, Hellevator, and Chain Reaction are goners. . .

    Luckily, GSN has Harvey Feud (and eventually the new season of Skin Wars) to continue to bring in the ratings for them because it doesn't look like they have too much original programming lined up at this point (other than Winsanity). The fact that they kept delaying the premiere of the new season of Skin Wars is pretty telling; it's like they're trying to milk what little they have for as long as they can.

    Maybe we'll hear more at the upfronts. . .

    1. You're right. GSN does not have much on the development slate now. All there is 100% confirmed right now is Skin Wars Season 3 and 4, Fresh Paint and Winsanity. Meanwhile, many projects piloted and tested in one way or another just have not made it anywhere (Window Warriors, Divided, #Friendtrip, etc.). The collapse of Steampunk'd, by the way, was GSN's biggest "let down" in years I'm told.

      The DVR question was connected to future shows, so I am not surprised if Introcaso-Davis just took it as "what new and upcoming shows should GSN viewers DVR". GSN is banking on Winsanity and Fresh Paint to succeed, or else they are really screwed in 2016.

      The Chase and Hellevator at least got mentions from her. Chain Reaction didn't. Odd.

  2. god this woman has helped ruin this network. too much non game shows and too much black family feud. of course she is probably a devout feminist.

    1. Actually, she has led the network to the highest ratings it has ever seen, like it or not. And the "non-game shows" thing started way before Davis arrived on the scene.

    2. All true there. Big uptick in GSN ratings since her start in 2011 (after initially falling under her in the beginning of 2012 with DWTS).

      Definitely a great accomplishment for GSN in an era where a lot of television viewership has fallen.

  3. Password (which we would love to see revived correctly by GSN).

    What was wrong with MDP on CBS?
    I didn't think MDP was that bad.

    1. Million Dollar Password was great on CBS. I wish MDP and 1 vs. 100 had longer runs on network television.

      I was comparing GSN's 2012 Pyramid revival, which was not revived 100% correctly (not the strongest celebrities was most of the fallout).