Monday, February 1, 2016

Hypothetical GSN schedule changes poll

Based off a post here from January 17th at GameShowNetworkNews (with the poll still available on the sidebar but closed/expired), here were the results on which schedule changes were the most agreed with by voters:

Morning Card Sharks and Press Your Luck swap was the most agreed with, which had 46% of voters agreeing with my proposed change. I can see why since it makes a lot of sense to have a double-run of popular Match Game and then a double-run of popular Card Sharks (two different versions) to lead into the rest of mornings.

My other proposals were much less agreed with. My Deal or No Deal/Family Feud afternoon switch only picked up low double-digit votes, with the other options of Idiotest every weeknight in the 8pm ET hour, The Chase or Chain Reaction alternating weeknights in the 11pm ET hour and a return of Minute to Win It to the schedule all picked up vote totals only in the teens. 

The one other change, besides my mornings proposal, that picked up a little traction was removing the very limited revival of The Pyramid off the schedule after 3 years of cycling through 38 episodes in afternoons at least a dozen times by now. Moving The Pyramid off the schedule got a 25% agree rate, the 2nd of all the choices. Both issues with removing The Pyramid is, for one, what would replace it (another Catch 21 or Chain Reaction?) and the fact that with all these proposed changes, GSN is more than satisfied with their ratings lately it appears.

Not everyone must have hated my proposed changes. 19% of all voters in the poll agreed that no changes should be made. It looks like all the voters had their own ideas of changes off of mine and were divided vastly between all seven other options.


  1. Here is The Viewers GSN Network Morning Changes Staring Feb 15-22 Match Game 8-9 Card Sharks Jim Perry 9-10 Sale Of The Century And Scrabble Chuck Woolery 10-11 Joker's Wild Tic Tac Dough From 11-12 The Viewers Have Voted And Decided On The Schedule

    1. No it's not. Shut up.

    2. Ya know Lexie I don't know why you're wasting so much time trying to get Sale Of The Century back on the air when you could easily meet your hero and idol Jim Perry in person right now! All you need is rope, a chair, and a closet. I'm sure there are plenty of game show fans on the web who'd be more than happy to lend you all three

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