Saturday, February 6, 2016

GSN primetime/total day average for last week of January is strong

Courtesy of Douglas Pucci at Programming Insider, he has provided us the GSN primetime (8-11pm ET all 7 days) and total day (8am-4am ET all 7 days) average for the week of January 25-31.

For January 25-31, 2016: In primetime, GSN averaged 465,000 total viewers. In total day, GSN averaged 364,000 total viewers. 

This completes a very strong January for GSN (measured in primetime/total day in total viewers):
December 28-January 3: 448K/357K
January 4-10: 469K/365K
January 11-17: 459K/342K
January 18-24: 504K/383K
January 25-31: 465K/364K.

These five weeks averaged 469,000 total viewers in primetime and 362,000 total viewers in total day. Compared to a similar period of five weeks in the beginning of 2015 (December 29, 2014 through February 1, 2015), GSN's primetime average is up 15% (versus 408K primetime average in January 2015) and GSN's total day average is up 8% (versus the 334K total day average in January 2015).

Surprisingly, GSN did not boast about their high January numbers, which was definitely their highest rated January ever and very likely their highest rated month ever in the 22 year network history. It was very possible (and appropriate) for GSN to boast about their ratings this past week, however they did not.

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