Saturday, January 9, 2016

The reasoning behind GSN's potential name change

News popped at the end of November that GSN is considering a cable network name change.  One of the reasons? To accompany the type of programming they desire.

In Tuesday's press release, three of four original programs that GSN acknowledged for their 2015 success were not studio-based, traditional game shows (Skin Wars, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint and Hellevator; Idiotest was). GSN does have an upcoming studio-based game show green-lit called Winsanity. Notice that GSN is continuing to veer away from The ChaseChain Reaction and anything else along those lines. It's questionable if Steampunk'd and Hellevator were runaway successes if Idiotest would have had a third season.

As GSN wants to continue developing young-skewing programs (or at least shows that do not have a median age of 70 or ones that only draw in less than 100K 18-49 viewers), that is where the name change comes in. The shows that are actually picking up the young viewers are not the actual game shows for the most part. The words "game shows" tend to be associated with older-skewing audiences in majority.

Our current "Game Show" Network's original programming slate featured only three of eight traditional game shows in development (Winsanity, Chain Reaction and Lie Detectorsin the most recent upfronts. In Monday's news, only one of three upcoming shows (out of Divided, #Friendtrip and Window Warriors) were traditional studio-based game shows.

We will see if GSN's name change goes through. However, re-branding is typically a move only struggling channels make. GSN just had their most watched year ever. The question is, will GSN keep their ways and air shows like Skin Wars on a network that is suppose to be about game shows? Or will GSN just become the "Game Network"?

In my opinion: Keep it Game Show Network.


  1. Don't believe it. This is just Scott Rahner making things up, in an attempt to keep his laughing stock of a blog interesting. In the previous article he linked to at the start of this entry, he never provided a source. Even that snotty know-it-all-holier-than-thou down in Texas wouldn't stoop this low.

    1. Well, actually he would

    2. Who are you talking about? Casey Acrap? That huge fattie who posts opinions as facts without any evidence? Better not talk about him. He'll come on and tell everyone he just made some faux tweet or something. lol

  2. It's not "news" if you can only source your own blog. Yes, blog.

  3. I read Julio Rodriguez's Afro American blog and he states GSN wants to keep their letter ID but become 'Get Some Negro' and focus on Feud, Catch 21, etc. for shows mostly hosted by black hosts. I've read his online blog since 1984 and he's always been right when the outcome was proven true.

  4. sick of this ghetto negro network