Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The End of Cable?

It's no surprise with all the competition from the hundreds upon hundreds of networks and sub-networks out there, the online, OnDemand, "whenever you want it" competition (Netflix, Hulu) and of course the old broadcast television nets.

The article asks this:
But raise your hand if you watch any of these channels regularly (not occasionally, not one time two years ago because of a story you read online about one of their shows, but regularly every week): Ion, Reelz, truTV, Aspire, Pop, TV One, Cooking Channel, DIY, FYI, QVC, GSN, Boomerang, CSPAN, Chiller, Cloo, Disney Channel Jr., Disney XD, El Rey, Esquire, FYI, Fuse, NASA TV, Pivot?
Of course, the article is right by stating the point there is a lot of competition and nothing extremely appealing on any of these small to mid-level networks.

But, to be honest, without bias, I think our GSN, even now with all the Family Feud and whatever else you want to pin on them for running too much or not enough of, is superior to just about anything else on the list above. 

From yesterday's press release, GSN does not appear to be going out of business anytime soon like the article suggests for a lot of cable networks. GSN makes a point in both this year's and last year's press release (in the title too!) that their ratings growth goes against the decline of most of well-established cable nets right now.

As for cable ending? Not anytime soon. But as for some very small, unappealing, repetitive, low viewership nets ending? Likely by the end of the decade. Buzzr, maybe?


  1. Buzzr is getting some new episodes of the shows. Plus, they keep running an extended commercial proclaiming this to be the 75th anniversary of game shows and it looks like Game Show Moments Gone Bananas is going to air on Buzzr.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Buzzr will allow Harvey Feud to continue airing on GSN but, they must pay a hefty price for the low rated morning classics in exchange to air his Feud. And, GSN will pay the hefty price.

    1. I was kidding a little bit there with Buzzr shutting down, especially with a number of people saying that might just happen with the rerun abuse Buzzr have some of their shows at launch and last year and how tired they are of the network already. Who knows if Buzzr can be very profitable with advertisers with the fact that the network must skew OLD big time.

      Glad to see Game Show Moments Gone Bananas come to Buzzr. I'll probably end up catching an episode. I like the series, even though it was such a limited run.

      As for Harvey Feud, I'm sure it will pop up on Buzzr within the next couple years but probably a lot more limited with GSN. GSN would probably pay anything to keep Harvey Feud going the way it is on GSN now.

    2. Well, one of them is Darryl Heine, who never says anything sensical anyway and hides his eyes from poptart boxes. He just babbles to hear himself talk (which, he has a speech impediment anyway, so it's even funnier).

    3. Darryl Heine = Scott Rahner's distant cousin.

  2. Cable unbundling is already happening. Last year, Verizon Fios started offering theme packages to increase customer choice. By the end of 2016, all cable and satellite providers in Canada will be forced to let customers pick and pay for channels individually, instead of theme packs or bundles, thanks to the recent CRTC decision to unbundle the packages. It's only a matter of time before the other providers follow through.