Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Small pieces of news: 'Feud' #1 among syndie game shows; GSN averages; 'Hellevator'

Feud #1

Syndicated game show ratings came out today for the week of December 28-January 3. Family Feud has taken the top spot in a week where all syndicated game shows rose. As Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and Celebrity Name Game have not been renewed for 2016-17, they both hit respective season highs during the New Years' Week, both at a 1.4 household rating. 

From New Years' week last year (December 29, 2014-January 4, 2015), Family Feud is up nine-tenths (6.6 from 5.7), Jeopardy! is down a tenth (6.1 from 6.2), Wheel of Fortune is flat (6.4), Millionaire is down four-tenths (1.4 from 1.8) and Celebrity Name Game is up two-tenths (1.4 from 1.2). 

For renewal predictions, obviously Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy! and Family Feud are all safe for years to come. I anticipate renewal for Celebrity Name Game. Craig is a consistent performer, has risen throughout the Fall and exactly consistent with last year with early daytime, just 'okay' timeslots. Millionaire is borderline with a continued decline in ratings in syndication in the past years. The only hope for Millionaire is that with Chris Harrison as host, Millionaire has risen from a 1.1 HH rating earlier in the Fall to a 1.2 HH rating throughout the Fall to now a 1.4 HH rating. I do not believe the failure of Millionaire's replacement, FabLife, has much to do with Millionaire's renewal. I do not see stations bringing Millionaire back in timeslots where FabLife was this season (where Millionaire was the season before). I am sure the networks will find something cheaper to fill Millionaire's slots, like Harry and other new talkers.

GSN posts strong averages; up from recent weeks and from January 5-11, 2015.

GSN averages for the week of January 4-10 were very strong. In our first week back from the holidays, GSN averaged 469,000 total viewers in primetime and 365,000 total viewers in total day. That January 4-10 number is up 13% in primetime and up 11% in total day from two weeks ago (no December 28-January 3 average has been provided yet). The January 4-10 primetime average was the highest since the week of June 15, 2015 (when Skin Wars hit a series high). The January 4-10 total day average was the highest since the week of June 22, 2015.

Last week's GSN average is also up 16% in primetime and up 10% in total day from the first full week of January in 2015 (405K/332K for January 5-11, 2015).

Still waiting on Hellevator renewal

Once again, the Soska Sisters from Hellevator tweeted out to a few fans that GSN is expected to announce their renewals in March. They have said this quite a few times as Hellevator remains on hold for renewal with The Chase and Chain Reaction. I have asked around a few members on the production crew, and they do not know anything about a Hellevator Season 2 either. Although I have heard Hellevator is performing well on Hulu.


  1. I think CNG has a strong chance at a third season. It's done better in the new timeslots and has a bright future ahead. And Feud almost topped the loud Judge Judy by three tenths. I wonder if by this year or hopefully 2017, GSN acquires Name Game. It would be fresh and would liven the schedule up a bit.

    1. "I wonder if by this year or hopefully 2017, GSN acquires Name Game."

      I think CNG has a shot on GSN over Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune in the near future, especially if the demos are great. That's what GSN would be looking at.

    2. No matter how huge the ratings its getting, Harvey's Feud is still a creepy perverted SNL parody of its former self with a bald creepy perverted host as its mascot.

    3. No matter the huge ratings its getting, Harvey's Feud is still a creepy perverted unfunny SNL-like parody of its former self with a bald creepy perverted unfunny host as its mascot.

  2. Please, don't renew Hellevator! It's a nightmare! Please, renew Chain Reaction and The Chase. They were both good.

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  4. Don't renew Hellevator! Nothing is scary, not even the hosts. If you can't be scary looking at least have a scary voice.

  5. guess the ferguson negros will be happy when they are not rioting they can watch their favorite show.

    as for the elevator show thing.. gsn is just idiots. there are studies out on how much espn has lost subscribers due to cord cutting and would love to know the numbers for the ghetto shit network

  6. I never did like this show! I thought it might it be good when I first started watching the commercials for it.. Within 15 mins I turned the channel and that was it for me!