Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Press release: 2015 most watched year for GSN (UPDATE: Press release includes 'Hellevator', leaves out 'The Chase' and 'Chain Reaction')

This afternoon, GSN issued a press release stating it was their most watched year ever in 21-year network history. Here is Photo 1 and Photo 2 of today's press release.

2015 was the Most Watched Year ever for GSN in primetime and total day for the fourth straight year (GSN averaged 413,000 total viewers in primetime and 322,000 total viewers in total day).

2015 was the most watched year ever for GSN in total viewers and in the following key demos: Adults 18-49, Women 18-49, Adults 25-54 and Women 25-54.

According to GSN, 2015 grew from 2014 with a 19% rise in total viewers for total day. In primetime, GSN gained a 35% audience in Women 18-49, gained a 22% audience in Adults 25-54 and gained an 18% audience in Women 25-54.

GSN had its most-watched fourth quarter ever (September 28-December 27) in total day and primetime among total viewers and all key demos (Adults 18-49, Women 18-49, Adults 25-54, Women 25-54). From prior press releases in 2015, GSN had its most watched summer ever and most watched third quarter ever in 2015.

It gets most interesting as GSN credits its success to originals Hellevator (for bringing in a new young audience), Skin Wars and Idiotest with no mention of The Chase, Chain Reaction (and of course all other originals that were cancelled last year such as Steampunk'd, It Takes a Church, Baggage On The Road, etc.). There is also a mention of how Skin Wars: Fresh Paint has led to a spin-off.

GSN says in 2016 they will continue to produce new originals that target women, one of which including Donald Faison's Winsanity.


  1. I think I posted a comment on my blog a few days ago in response to a question of yours, and said that GSN would probably put out a press release gloating about their most watched year ever. Sometimes GSN is pretty predictable (wink).

    Anyway, they're obviously happy about the younger demo growth, which is why they mention Skin Wars, Idiotest and Hellevator, all of which skew very young by GSN standards.

    But if Chain Reaction keeps pulling 0.15 18-49 ratings, they'll probably be pretty happy about that, too. (I figured Mike Catherwood might eventually have some appeal to the younger female demos.) The Chase is always going to skew old, I'm afraid.

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    2. Or your creepy obsession with Matt Ottinger.

  2. "I think I posted a comment on my blog a few days ago in response to a question of yours, and said that GSN would probably put out a press release gloating about their most watched year ever. Sometimes GSN is pretty predictable (wink)."

    I was skeptical until I saw the numbers after I made the post. Come to think of it, I remember the days just a few years ago when it was remarkable if a week of primetime averaged over 350K and total day over 300K. Not anymore.

    I can see why GSN mentions Hellevator. Almost every week if not every week last Fall, Hellevator skewed younger than Skin Wars. The ratings were just crap though after Halloween. The problem GSN faces with their current "which one should be renewed" dilemma is that they do not have an original that skews very young, is cheap to make and has great total viewers:

    Hellevator: Skews very young, expensive to make and ratings were awful for last 5 episodes.
    Chain Reaction: Hit or miss with 18-49's and total viewers, cheap to make.
    The Chase: Skews old, total viewers great, expensive to make

    With today's press release and an active Hellevator Twitter account (for GSN interest sake), GSN might be leaning towards a Hellevator renewal over anything.

    I'm not quite sure why Family Feud did not have a mention outside of original programming.

    1. BTW, is it just me or is Steve Harvey a prick? I know this is a game show blog, but I feel this is something that I wanted to discuss. If you look at his biography, he has some controversies. In a interview he did with Joy Behar a few years ago, he claimed that women shouldn't date atheists because they have "no moral barometer" and that atheists to him are idiots. Also, I think he is sexist. In interviews he has done about his love advice books, I can tell he blames the woman in the relationship, but never the man. And this is coming from a guy who has been divorced twice. And in a GMA interview he did in 2009 or 2010, he basically told men that they can grope a woman whenever they feel like it. That is rape and that is just wrong and shame on him for saying that. I respect him for reviving Feud's success, but I don't respect him when he says stupid crap. There is a video on YouTube about the controversial stuff Steve has said the past few years.

      Scott, this is just my opinion and my thoughts about him and if you disagree with me, that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I just felt that I wanted to mention this since he is a game show host and that this a blog about game shows, so there you go.

    2. "I respect him for reviving Feud's success"

      unless you count injecting D*ck/V*gina jokes, racist/ghetto and low-brow humor disguised as survey questions/answers then mission accomplished...sort of!

      also hearing about "groping a woman whenever they feel like it" and "blaming the woman in the relationship, but never the man", I may never have gotten his books (and I will never bother to do that anyway in the future) I think to me that he's being a male chauvinist pig but also a rapist (similar to what Bill Cosby is going through, rapist part I mean).

      and this A**hole claims that all men are "disgustoids". no Harvey you are a "disgustoid". I mean blaming women in the relationship instead of the men and groping women whatever they fell like it.
      Seriously, I mean What the F**K.


  3. GSN is pathetically run. You go after what brings in the ratings, not based on who what skews. no wonder black gsn has gone to hell.

    1. "GSN is pathetically run. You go after what brings in the ratings, not based on who what skews."

      Actually, this is incorrect. Networks do want to air shows that skew the youngest because networks can charge more for advertising on programs that skew younger. Sure, total numbers need to be taken into consideration as well, and a show with half-decent demos will likely not get renewed if the total viewer numbers are completely atrocious. But if one show has say 600K total viewers with only 50K viewers in the target demo, while a second show has say 450K total viewers but with 200K viewers in the target demo, the second show is actually the more valuable asset.