Saturday, January 16, 2016

Latest GSN advertisement does not exclude any current shows

Recently, some GSN advertisements excluded some current shows (particularly Hellevator and/or The Chase). A new fun-themed GSN advertisement that first surfaced on the GSN airwaves yesterday featured all clips of The Chase, Chain Reaction, Hellevator, Idiotest, Skin Wars and Family Feud.

GSN still has not renewed The Chase, Chain Reaction or Hellevator. This latest on-air advertisement is a somewhat positive sign for all three shows signaling that GSN is not completely done with them (especially for Hellevator which is completely off the schedule and The Chase, which has been done with new runs for a month now).


  1. Most primetime network game shows these days only have 6-12 episodes in a single season. Look at anything made post-2007 -- 1 VS 100, Duel, Identity, Million Dollar Password, Million Dollar Money Drop, Take It All, Take Me Out, Million Second Quiz, 500 Questions, BOOM, 5th Grader, The Wall...

    So if The Chase does go to FOX (NBC and ABC already have game shows set to cover 2016, and CBS refuses to air game shows in 8-11pm time slots anymore), then expect FOX to order a maximum of 10 episodes for a 1st season run. It would certainly get a much bigger budget than GSN gave the show, and it'll be much cheaper than the $50 million FOX spent on Utopia, but I doubt FOX wants to give away more than $10 million for the first season run, unless the 18-49s are HUGE, and I mean 18-49s that rival those of the other scripted fare on the network, like Gotham and Empire. Unfortunately, we already know The Chase skews old, similar to MDP, so I doubt that the 18-49s would be there.

    I still don't understand why ABC didn't give "Red or Black" a chance... but then again, that was years ago when the primetime networks were more focused on scripted drama and comedies, unlike the shift that started as of last year, when the networks started focusing on game shows again, after a long absence from the genre (you can probably thank Idol's final season as the reason for this).

    As for the GSN programming slate... my predictions are that CR gets renewed due to its cheapness and Hellevator gets renewed because GSN is a bunch of idiots that would rather produce an expensive reality program than an expensive game show. And as for The Chase remaining on GSN, I have no doubts that the execs are still considering it for renewal, but it's probably a "last resort" scenario. As in, if everything else fails miserably (Divided, Winsanity, the other cheap reality programs the network is developing...), then they'll go with The Chase. Otherwise, The Chase is a goner. If anything, GSN only wants a short-episode order to wind down production of it, whereas ITV wants a long term commitment. Hmm... marriage analogy anyone?

    1. I am hearing they are trying to make Winsanity too funny instead of focusing on the gameplay, similar to Mind of a Man.

      I have heard Divided has its issues too but that is still very early.

      Good one with the marriage analogy, Scott.